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The 7 Commonly Asked Questions About Learning Carnatic Music Online

online carnatic music classes
online carnatic music classes

If you have fallen in love with Carnatic music and are looking forward to receiving online Carnatic music classes, then Mela Music is here to make your wish come true. The state-of-the-art facility offered for the online Carnatic music classes by Mela Music is astonishingly brilliant.

You will be comforted by the highly trained educator instructing you on your musical journey. Besides, the music academy provides you with a completion certificate and solid training to make your ambition find a possible milestone.

Are you still confused about pursuing online Carnatic music classes? Don't worry; these seven commonly asked questions on Carnatic Music will help you decide on a sweet note, just like the music itself.

Therefore let us begin with-

7 Commonly Asked Questions About Online Carnatic Music Classes From Mela Music Academy

Why Should You Opt for Carnatic Music?

Carnatic music specializes in emphasizing the lyrics rather than the melody. It is a rich form of vocal art that exudes positivity whenever sung or heard. If you are an adult looking forward to engaging yourself in depth with Carnatic music, it is never too late.

But if it's your kid, then grabbing the chance of online Carnatic music classes is highly recommended. Why? Because learning Carnatic music refines eye-hand coordination amplifying motor skills. And this is really essential for the healthy development of the kid.

Does Carnatic Music Follow The Gharana System?

Unlike Hindustani Music, there is no Gaharan system followed by Carnatic Music.

What Are The 6 Types of Carnatic Music?

  • Raga Alapana.

  • Niraval.

  • Kalpanaswaram.

  • Tanam.

  • Ragam Tanam Pallavi.

  • Tani Avartanam

What Are The 5 Features Of Carnatic Music?

Well, the prominently seen features of Carnatic Music are-

  • Carnatic music is Kriti based.

  • There is the unification of Raga, Tala, and Sruti in every Carnatic song.

  • Carnatic Music follows Dashavidha Gamakas. In layperson's terms, Gamaka is ornamentation performed on a note or notes. In the present day, Carnatic music generally utilizes around five different choices of decorations. Gamaka is a stunning turn embellished on a note/note that adds stress to every Raga.

  • Carnatic music combines the three degrees of speed and develops the Raga phrase by phrase.

  • Well, while performing, the content of Carnatic Music might change, but it should remain identifiable as Carnatic Music from all angles.

Who Are The Three Father Of Carnatic Music?

The three jewels of Carnatic Music also remarkably identified as a Trinity of Carnatic music are-

  1. Tyagaraja,

  2. Muthuswami Dikshitar and

  3. Syama Sastri.

They received this magnificent position in the 18th century and became a massive part of the history of Carnatic Music.

Which Is Hardest Raga In Carnatic Music?

The Melakarta Raga Todi is relatively the most challenging to perform. It is because of the complication of the usage of the different Kritis. Now the Thodi Ragam of Carnatic music is equivalent to Hindustani Bhairava music.

Which Is The Happiest Raga In Carnatic Music?

The Raga that denotes happiness in Carnatic Music is

  • Hansdhwani,

  • Tilak Kamod,

  • Desh,

  • Yaman,

  • Ragesree, and

  • Jog

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Carnatic Music Classes Provided By Mela Music School

How Will You Manage Your Online Carnatic Music Classes?

You just have to maintain a

  • High-speed internet connection.

  • A running web camera and a microphone.

  • And your instrument.

How Are Online Carnatic Classes Conducted?

The time and day of the week are entirely decided upon your availability. However, there will be one hour of the weekly sessions.

Do Mela Music School Follows Any Specific Age Limit?

No, there is no age limit. However, Mela Music School follows three standard levels.

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate,

  • Advanced.

Based on the student's knowledge, they are assigned to the grade level.

Are There Only Online Carnatic Music Courses?

No, interested students can seek both online and offline Carnatic music classes.

Will The Students Be Awarded A Completion Certificate After Finishing Their Online Carnatic Music Classes?

Yes, of course, each student is awarded a completion certificate on finishing each course offered here at Mela Music School so that the student can advance in their musical career.

Why Should You Opt For Online Carnatic Music Classes From Mela Music School?

Well, here are some solid reasons for pursuing online Carnatic music -

  • The pedagogy followed here makes you come out of your shell. Thus, the instructors will let you enjoy a solo or group performance if you feel comfortable.

  • When going for the Carnatic Music course, you will start the musical journey at the beginner level; then, as per your pace, you will go up to the advanced level without entertaining any rush from the instructors.

  • The teachers provide robust assistance to the students in preparing for the globally acknowledged exams, which will let them look for international opportunities in the future.

  • After you finish your course, Mela Music school will provide you with completion certification, which you can produce to advance your carrier prospects.

  • The dexterous musicians and educators at Mela Music School are trained professionals who dedicatedly work, committing one hour of the weekly session to their pupils.

How Mela Music School Supervise Their Online Carnatic Classes

  • The teachers from Mela Music School make each available class fun and rewarding.

  • A supportive community is created for students to aim and grow big in their endeavors.

  • Mela Music promises to provide each of the enthusiastic pupils with the best and most effective course of training suitable to attain their desired milestones.

  • You get to choose between online and offline courses.

  • The educators appointed for online classes provide talented students with needed assistance. This gives the students a chance to determine and track their improvement pragmatically.

While Wrapping Up

So, if you are passionate about Carnatic Music, without any further delay, enroll in online Carnatic music classes from Mela Music School. The comprehensive teaching method followed by the instructors here is proficient. Hence book a trial session today and find out what's waiting for you at Mela Music School Bangalore. Hope you begin your online Carnatic music course soon very soon.


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