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a 8 year old keyboard student is looking at the camera as she gets ready to play the key board

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15 mins homework per day

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Fees Per Month: INR 4,500
Registration Fees: INR 1,000

Experience Music in a Whole New Way

Discover musical concepts through your favorite songs. Gain the ability to read and play music, expanding your song repertoire

a 15 year old keyboard student shows how to play the chords on the keyboard. he is looking at the camera and smiling as he plays the keyboard

A Safer, Quality Learning Environment

Our faculty selection process is strict, selecting only 1 in every 10 applicants. Every instructor undergoes personal interviews and a rigorous screening, ensuring a secure learning environment for your child.

a young man is smiling and playing the chords on the keyboard

Individualized Learning Journey

Embrace personalized one-on-one classes tailored to your pace. Progress faster than in group lessons with exercises designed exclusively for you.

a young land is standing next to the keyboard that she is going to play


Learn Face to Face

Students and teachers see each other via video and have real time personalised guitar classes


Learn Faster

Teachers spend more time with students, ensuring they pick up techniques faster than group lessons


Concerts | Recitals

At Mela, all students showcase their skills on stage in bands at our concerts and smaller recitals. 


Mela Music School helps you train for Trinity College London, ABRSM, Rock School and London College Music grades the most popular, Internationally recognized Music Qualifications in the world.

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As a parent, I am thrilled with the keyboard classes my child has been taking at Mela Music School. I've noticed significant progress in my child's confidence and musical abilities. The curriculum is well-structured, balancing theory and practice while allowing kids to learn the songs they love. I'm delighted with the quality of instruction at Mela

Prasanna A

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Featured Review

What will you master in our keyboard class?

Foundational Techniques: Master proper posture, finger placement, basic chords, and strumming techniques essential for playing the guitar.

Rhythm and Musicality: Develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and musical notation, laying the groundwork for playing songs and understanding music structure.

Introduction to Music Theory: Gain a basic understanding of music theory elements like scales, notation, and chord progressions, enabling further exploration and growth in guitar playing.

Who is this keyboard class for?

This keyboard course is perfect for keyboard enthusiasts of any skill level, whether you're just beginning or have some experience. Join us to learn, play, and perform your favourite songs on the keyboard!

a young boy wearing a blue denim jacket is looking at the camera and smiling as he learns to play the keyboard

Lesson Plan

Week 1-2:
Intro and basics

Introduction to the keyboard layout
Basic hand positioning and posture
Playing simple melodies using right-hand fingers

Week 5-6:

Note Reading and Scales

Introduction to music notation and sight-reading
Learning major and minor scales
Practicing scales in different keys

Week 9-10:

Musical Styles and Genres

Introduction to various musical styles (Classical, Jazz, Pop, etc.)
Playing simple tunes in different genres
Understanding the characteristics of each musical style

Week 3-4:

Basic Rhythm and Chords

Understanding rhythm and beats
Introducing left-hand accompaniment with basic chords
Playing melodies with simple left-hand accompaniment

Week 7-8:

Chord Progressions and Arpeggios

Exploring chord progressions
Understanding arpeggios and their applications
Playing songs using chord progressions and arpeggios

Week 11-12:

Review and Progress Assessment

Practicing selected pieces from the lessons
Preparing for a small recital or performance
Reviewing previously learned techniques and applying them in performance

Getting started at Mela Music School


Book a trial by calling us or filling the book a trial form


Attend your trial lesson, meet your music teacher and confirm your slots.


Your student counselor will get in touch to pay and enroll.

The Mela Music School Advantage

a 6 year old girl learning to play the keyboard. she is lookign at the keyboard and playing the chords of the keyboard with both her hands
1 on 1
LIVE Classes

Master the melodies you love with our keyboard classes! Enjoy personalized one-on-one sessions for faster progress compared to group learning. Embrace the convenience of online classes minus the traffic hassles. Start your keyboard journey with us today!

a young man is standing near the keyboard that he is going to play. he is looking at the camera and smiling and getting ready to play the keyboard

At Mela Music School, our certified keyboard instructors are proficient in various styles, from classical to contemporary. Our music teachers  hold professional music degrees. Explore seamless learning, from foundational basics to advanced techniques, guided by our skilled and performing keyboard teachers

a young boy is looking at the kets of the keyboard and is playing the keyboard
Certifications & Performances

At Mela Music School, our certified keyboard teachers offer various performance opportunities, including band sessions and engaging recitals. Furthermore, we equip our students for Trinity, ABRSM, and LCM music certifications, guiding them through the entire examination process.

a naughty girl wearing a blue dress is playing the chords of the keyboard that she is learning

1 on 1 Keyboard Classes

The most effective way to learn playing the keyboard is through private lessons. Our personalized one-on-one classes ensure quicker progress than group sessions, allowing students to explore as they learn to play the keyboard and play their favourite tunes on the keyboard.

Explore tailored keyboard lessons near you at Mela Music School.


Learn at flexible times with our professional instructors dedicated to providing a seamless and safe learning experience. Join us for weekly one-hour sessions designed specifically for you

Call our counsellors to get started with
your keyboard classes today

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