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Online Carnatic Music Classes    

Carnatic vocal music is a popular classical music form in India's south. Online Carnatic Music Classes with famous Gurus through Mela Music School, a platform for studying the art of classical music and dance. Mela Music School workshops will guide you through the full voice training process, from the fundamentals to methods and singing popular songs. In addition, you can now take online Carnatic music classes at your leisure, at a time that suits you.

Mela Music is an excellent online resource for learning Online Carnatic Music Classes. We provide the world with access to the greatest learning approaches for Carnatic Music through courses from renowned professionals.

What We Believe

  • Our online Carnatic music tutors can assist you in determining what you need to attain your full potential and achieve your musical objectives.

  • We make learning fun and rewarding while providing a supportive community for all of your musical endeavors.

  • We vow that you will receive the most effective form of training that has been proved to produce excellent results.


With our help, you can learn Indian Classical Music. We give you the skills to attain your full potential and achieve your musical ambitions. So join Mela Music today and become a part of our vision of a vibrant global community of musicians united by their love of music.

A sample class is conducted as a basic assessment and assistance for all new individuals to our best online Carnatic Music Classes. After completing each course, we issue certificates in groups ranging from beginner to advanced. We teach you how to bring out the individuality in your singing while also using traditional Indian Carnatic Music practices, with no age restrictions and one-on-one mentorships.

Carnatic Music is a type of music that originated in India.

Carnatic Music, often known as Karnatak or Karnatic Music, is a renowned South Indian classical genre. It's a traditional style that emphasizes the three most crucial aspects of vocal performance: ability, rhythm, and expressiveness (raga, tala, and bhava). Carnatic Music has a long history in the performing arts, with practices that haven't changed much. It endures having a huge influence on Indian art. While other classical genres have instruments accompanying them, Carnatic Music has few to none, and it is primarily vocal. Carnatic Music is an Indian classical category that musicians worldwide learn and perform. You can learn to play it too with the greatest Online Carnatic Music Classes.

Benefits of Carnatic Music 

Listening skills

For a committed Carnatic learner, improving kelvin gym, or thinking ability, requires attentive listening. Pitch, melody, makes or oscillations, and tempo all have subtle differences that care must distinguish. In addition, the musician must discern between Ragas, which are the foundation of Carnatic Music. This implies the student will need to develop a sense of aesthetics and be able to recognize subtle differences in sound. When practiced over a long period, Carnatic Music improves the learner's auditory skills. It can even help with hearing loss as people age.

Cultural Understanding

Our online Carnatic music tutors ensure that students are introduced to the main allegories of their culture through Carnatic Music, which has mythological references. When students listen to songs set to the backdrop of temples, they are both spiritually and architecturally stimulated. Srirangam and Mylapore, for example, use Carnatic Music to ask and answer questions, establishing a strong bond between the renderer and the listener. Ragas are also useful for creating different moods at different times of the day and transporting the performer to peaceful places.


Because it needs focus and hard work, Carnatic Music elevates tenacity to a new level. A learner overcomes all obstacles and presents even the tiniest piece with utmost precision, making it appear effortless while stirring the hearts of those who listen. The more they practice, the more mature their performing skills become and improve faster. So when you're about to give up, get yourself up and keep going; this is how perseverance is developed.

Why Choose Raga Labs Academy to Learn Carnatic Music Online? 

  • Beginner to Advanced Levels - Whether you're just getting started with Online Carnatic Music Classes or want to advance your levels and refine your talents, there's something for everyone. From beginner to experienced, we have classes for you. 


  • Musicians and Instructors who are well-known – Get vocal coaching from renowned performers and experts. Begin your musical journey with us, explore your vocal range, and take steps toward becoming a professional at every level.


  • Handy Timings – With our convenient time slots, you may now learn Indian Carnatic classical. Music online at your leisure. 

    Carnatic music study is an art. Live online Carnatic classes are offered to help students advance musically. The most knowledgeable instructors mold their pupils into better musicians. Students attend classes at times and on days that are convenient for them. Teachers and students will engage in live conversation via voice chat rooms and/or video. A username and password will be supplied to each student. The student can share documents, exchange notes, and adjust the text messaging feature after logging in.

    Learning music is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It can even be lucrative if you have the correct tools and resources. Mela Music is a comprehensive platform that disseminates musical knowledge from the top professors using a pedagogy guaranteed to produce positive results. Your knowledge is built on the foundations of the subject. Our services are available at any time and location. They include a feedback mechanism to guarantee you're on the right track! 

    join Mela Music to be a part of a welcoming community where you can learn about the art from professors and peers.

online carnatic music classes
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