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Expert music teachers that fit your schedule

Learn to play with a band
Learn the songs you love
Learn faster than group lessons
Learn music theory, apply for certifications

Working with your kids to love music and increase confidence


I can't speak highly enough about Mela Music School! The instructors are not only incredibly talented but also dedicated and patient towards my kids

Niraj Solanki

Mela Music School is exceptional! The instructors are skilled and supportive. I've grown as a musician and performer thanks to their guidance. Highly recommended!

Ranita Kannan

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Learning Music at Mela Music School

mela music school drums student is playing the drums. she is wearing a white tee shirt and is looking at the camera and smiling becuase she enjoys her music classes and drums classes at mela
Private Music Lessons

At Mela Music School, we are all about one on one customised lessons. So not only do you learn the songs and music style that you like, but you also learn at a faster pace than group lessons!

mela music school guitar students are playing the guitar with the chords that they have learned in school. this is a group of our girl students who are learning to play the guitar, one girl is holding a white guitar and playing the guitar. the other 3 girls are listening to her play the guitar and enjoying the music
By Musicians for Musicians

Learn music from qualified teachers at our music school who are as passionate about music as they are about teaching. Our faculty have chosen music as their career & have also have degrees in music.

mela music school student is holding her violin and playing the violin for us. she is wearnig a white dress and looking at the camera and smiling as she learns to play the western violin at mela music school

We at Mela Music School believe that music should be shared. We offer regular performance opportunities, both online & offline so that not only do you develop your stage chops but also learn from your peers!

a mela music school hindustaani vocals student is  wearing traditional indian blue saree and is holidng a micorphone and singing for her teacher at mela music school
Great Teachers  
Great Lessons

Learning music is all about someone who will inspire you to pick up your instrument everyday. Our teachers are all performers who love to do just that. So come on board and meet them and start your music lessons right away!

8 years of excellence

a mela music school student enjoying herself at the concert and playing drums


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