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:2 classes

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15 mins homework per day

6 months to play

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Fees Per Month: INR 4,500
Registration Fees: INR 1,000


Experience Music in a Whole New Way

Discover musical concepts through your favorite songs. Gain the ability to read and play music, expanding your song repertoire

A Safer, Quality Learning Environment

Our faculty selection process is strict, selecting only 1 in every 10 applicants. Every instructor undergoes personal interviews and a rigorous screening, ensuring a secure learning environment for your child.


Individualized Learning Journey

Embrace personalized one-on-one classes tailored to your pace. Progress faster than in group lessons with exercises designed exclusively for you.

a girl playing the violin Dive into the world of Western violin with our online classes. Master techniques, explore classical and contemporary styles, and learn to play the violin


Learn Face to Face

Students and teachers see each other via video and have real time personalised guitar classes


Learn Faster

Teachers spend more time with students, ensuring they pick up techniques faster than group lessons


Concerts | Recitals

At Mela, all students showcase their skills on stage in bands at our concerts and smaller recitals. 


Mela Music School helps you train for Trinity College London, ABRSM, Rock School and London College Music grades the most popular, Internationally recognized Music Qualifications in the world.

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Taking violin lessons at Mela Music School has been an incredible experience. The instructors are highly knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. They adeptly incorporate the Suzuki method into the lessons, allowing for a strong foundation in music. Additionally, their guidance in preparing for exams, particularly Trinity has been invaluable

Pankaj Agrawal

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Featured Review

a small indian girl in a blue dress is playing a brown violin. she is looking at the camera and smiling as she learns to play the violin

What will you master in our violin class?

Fundamental Techniques: Learn correct posture, finger positioning, bowing techniques, and foundational violin skills crucial for musical proficiency.

Rhythm and Harmony: Cultivate a sense of rhythm, timing, and musical notation, fostering the ability to play melodies and comprehend musical composition.

Introduction to Music Theory: Acquire fundamental knowledge of music theory, including scales, notation, and chord progressions, empowering an enhanced understanding and progress in violin mastery.

Who is this violin class for?

This course is for violin enthusiasts of all levels—whether you're starting from scratch or have some experience. Join to learn, play, and perform your favourite tunes on stage!

Lesson Plan

Week 1-2:
Introduction to the violin

Learn the parts of the violin
Proper violin hold and posture
Bow hold and bowing technique

Introduction to open strings (playing exercises)

Week 5-6:

Expanding Techniques

Introduction to simple melodies using the learned notes
Focus on intonation and pitch accuracy
Developing coordination between left-hand and bowing techniques
Introduction to dynamics (soft and loud playing)

Week 9-10:

Musical Pieces

Learn beginner-level musical pieces
Focus on musical expression and phrasing
Practicing scales and arpeggios
Refining techniques and improving tone quality

Week 3-4:

Basic Techniques

Begin finger placements and basic notes (A, E, D, G)
Basic left-hand finger exercises
Introduction to simple bowing techniques (long and short strokes)
Basic rhythm exercises

Week 7-8:

Introduction to Music Theory

Expanding the range of notes (first and second position)
Introduction to scales (major and minor)
Basic shifting exercises
Introduction to reading simple sheet music

Week 11-12:

Advancing Techniques

Introduction to more complex techniques (double stops, vibrato)
Focus on playing with dynamics and expression
Preparation of a short performance piece or recital
Revision and refinement of learned techniques and pieces

Getting started at Mela Music School


Book a trial by calling us or filling the book a trial form


Attend your trial lesson, meet your music teacher and confirm your slots.


Your student counselor will get in touch to pay and enroll.

The Mela Music School Advantage

an indian boy wearing a a blue shirt is looing at the camera and holding and playing a violin
1 on 1
LIVE Classes

Learn to play the western violin with tunes you cherish. With our individualized one-on-one classes, progress faster compared to group sessions. Dive into the world of violin through our convenient online classes, free from traffic hassles. Start your violin lessons with us today!

a beautiful girl is holding the violin and playing it while looking at the camera as she learns to play the violin

At Mela Music School, our certified violin instructors are skilled in classical and contemporary violin styles. They aren't just enthusiastic performers but also knowledgeable experts with music degrees. Explore a seamless journey from fundamental techniques to intricate melodies guided by our experienced violin teachers.

a girl wearing a white dress is lookign at the camera and playing the violin
Certifications & Performances

At Mela Music School, our certified violin teachers provide diverse performance opportunities, from band sessions to recitals. Additionally, we prepare you for Trinity, ABRSM, and LCM music certifications, guiding you through the entire exam process.

a group of 3 violin students stangind in a striaght line. all 3 are playing the violin together and learning to play the violin

1 on 1 Violin Classes

The most effective way to learn the violin is through personalized, one-on-one lessons.


Our violin instructors utilize the renowned Suzuki method, allowing students to learn their favorite tunes while fostering a flexible schedule tailored to individual needs.


At Mela Music School, our expert violin teachers start from the fundamentals or build upon existing skills, ensuring a seamless and secure learning experience. Join us for personalized violin lessons, conveniently scheduled, and designed for your progress

Call our counsellors to get started with
your western violin classes today

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