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one boy and one girl mela music school students are looking at the camera. the girls is hokding the guitar as if she is going to play it. the boy is looking at the camera and is sining a song

Building Confidence, One Song at a Time

From performances to live bands, we offer our students a stage to shine. Overcome stage fright, share your musical talent, and learn new skills and discipline with us.

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At Mela Music School, 


We believe in unlocking every child's potential through the power of music, giving them important life skills for succeeding in a difficult world


The values that guide  all our music classes, performances and recitals are: 



Building Confidence

We offer ample performance opportunities, shaping students for diverse public speaking situations crucial for life success. This approach builds performance skills and fosters a love for the stage.

Building Discipline

We inculcate the power of hard work, dedication, and learning from mistakes.

Building Willpower

At Mela, our students are motivated to face challenges by breaking them down into small steps. This builds willpower in our students, allowing them to handle problems by breaking them into smaller tasks.

a vector art showing a girl wearing blue jeans and playing music

Carefully selected handpicked music teachers

We entrust the most precious gift - your child's musical journey - only to the best. Our meticulous faculty selection process involves rigorous academic qualifications and comprehensive interviews. Each music teacher embodies our core values of passion, expertise, and nurturing guidance, creating a safe and stimulating environment for your child.

a boy learning to play music.

Trusted by parents & teachers

At Mela, our devoted music instructors tailor lessons to individual learning styles and musical preferences, guiding each child on a unique musical journey. Our expert teachers go beyond teaching notes – they unlock musical potential. Many school teachers recommend us for the confidence, focus, and musical skills they observe in our students. 

a boy playing music and learning to sing

Help from our team, every step of the way

Our proficient student counselors excel at matching your child with the ideal music teacher, considering their course preferences, proficiency level, preferred exam board, and personality compatibility. They remain accessible to listen, address queries, and provide personalized assistance whenever needed.

a girl learning to play guitar

Our interactive learning approach makes lessons engaging

Forget passive video calls – at Mela, music explodes into an interactive journey! Our passionate teachers transform tricky concepts into playful adventures, making learning a joy, not a chore.


We believe performance ignites passion, so we encourage our students to perform, whether it's a virtual recital or a backyard concert. Sharing their music builds confidence and fosters a love for the art that lasts a lifetime.


At Mela Music School, we offer comprehensive training for renowned international music qualifications such as Trinity College London, ABRSM, Rock School and Musicea Board of Music and LCM grades. We're committed to providing guidance throughout the application, training, and examination process, ensuring your success in these prestigious music certifications.

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Program Highlights

mela music school drums student is playing the drums. she is wearing a white tee shirt and is looking at the camera and smiling becuase she enjoys her music classes and drums classes at mela
Private Music Lessons

At Mela Music School, we are all about one on one customised lessons. So not only do you learn the songs and music style that you like, but you also learn at a faster pace than group lessons!

mela music school guitar students are playing the guitar with the chords that they have learned in school. this is a group of our girl students who are learning to play the guitar, one girl is holding a white guitar and playing the guitar. the other 3 girls are listening to her play the guitar and enjoying the music
By Musicians for Musicians

Learn music from qualified teachers at our music school who are as passionate about music as they are about teaching. Our faculty have chosen music as their career & have also have degrees in music.

mela music school student is holding her violin and playing the violin for us. she is wearnig a white dress and looking at the camera and smiling as she learns to play the western violin at mela music school

We at Mela Music School believe that music should be shared. We offer regular performance opportunities, both online & offline so that not only do you develop your stage chops but also learn from your peers!

a mela music school hindustaani vocals student is  wearing traditional indian blue saree and is holidng a micorphone and singing for her teacher at mela music school
Great Teachers  
Great Lessons

Learning music is all about someone who will inspire you to pick up your instrument everyday. Our teachers are all performers who love to do just that. So come on board and meet them and start your music lessons right away!

Bring music home, today!
  • What do the music teachers at Mela Music school focus on?
    At Mela, we believe music education goes beyond textbooks and scales. It's about igniting a flame of passion, nurturing lifelong joy, and empowering young minds to unleash their inner rockstar. So, what makes a Mela music teacher truly special? 1. Passion ignites inspiration: Our teachers aren't just skilled musicians; they're evangelists for the magic of music. Their eyes sparkle when they share a melody, their enthusiasm is contagious, and their love for the art resonates in every lesson. 2. Expertise meets empathy: They possess not only mastery of their instruments but also the intuitive understanding of a child's learning journey. They patiently unravel complex concepts, tailor lessons to individual needs, and connect with each student on a heart level. 3. Beyond notes, building confidence: Mela teachers go beyond rote memorization. They foster creativity, encourage improvisation, and empower students to find their unique voice. Weekly performances, whether virtual or in-person, build confidence and nurture a love for self-expression. 4. Making the "dreaded" delightful: Even music theory, often seen as a hurdle, becomes an engaging adventure at Mela. Through interactive games, puzzles, and stories, our teachers unlock the fascinating secrets behind the music, making learning fun and rewarding. 5. Growth mindset, lifelong journey: Mela teachers believe in the power of potential. They celebrate mistakes as stepping stones, encourage continuous learning, and instill a growth mindset that empowers students to conquer challenges and thrive. These are just a few of the qualities that make a Mela music teacher extraordinary. They are mentors, motivators, and friends, guiding each child on a magical journey of self-discovery through the power of music.
  • Should I enrol for online music classes or offline music classes?
    Online music classes are known for their flexibility and time-saving advantages. However, in group lessons online, children may sometimes feel lost or distracted. Our online live one-on-one classes offer the best of both worlds. With individual attention, your child experiences the benefits of a physical lesson, ensuring they aren't lost in a crowd, leading to children picking up and learning their instruments faster than group lessons. Our students can also come to our music school when they feel the need to have a phyiscal one on one music class with their music teacher.
  • How do I start my music classes with Mela Music School?
    Beginning your music journey with Mela is simple and convenient. Reach out to our student counsellors by calling us on +91 9686030684 to discuss suitable courses for your child or yourself. If you've already decided on a music course, complete our trial form, and our team will contact you to schedule your lesson with a music teacher. Our student counsellors will provide available timings and slots, allowing you to choose the most convenient schedule for you and assist you through the enrolment process.
  • How many classes do we get per week at Mela?
    At Mela, you’ll have two 30-minute lessons every week, which is twice a week. You get 8 one on one lessons each month with our teachers who are performing musicians.
  • Why choose Mela Music School for learning music?
    Music is a powerful tool for self-expression. At Mela, we unlock that power and help children find their voices, both on and off the stage. At Mela, we are focused on teaching your child skills that will last a lifetime! From being the shy one to owning a stage. From never giving up to understanding that some things take time. These skills we believe are invaluable. And yes, we'll teach you music too! If you are planning to pursue your hobby of playing guitar or have always wanted to learn to play musical instruments like piano or keyboard. In that case, Mela Music School makes it easier to achieve your music goals. As a premier music academy online, Mela Music School offers you live, online music classes so that you can learn from the comfort of your home. You can connect with a music tutor near me who pays close attention to your learning needs to gain perfection with the instrument you want to learn. You can easily take any music classes online, whether online Indian classical music, tabla, online violin, piano, or keyboard classes. At Mela Music School, we work with the best instructors who offer an interactive, safe and stimulating environment to all the learners.
  • What is the speciality for Mela Music School?
    We offer one of the best online music classes in Bangalore, with over 15 courses in all the leading musical instruments. Our online music classes are specifically designed as per the needs of the learners and are based on one-to-one interactive classes. We offer classes in guitar, keyboard, piano, drums, Hindustani vocal, western vocal, and many more in the online mode. With yearly recitals and performances in a lovely, family-friendly environment, we encourage all of our students to show off their talents and gain confidence. We also help you train for trinity college London, ABRSM, and LCM grades, the world's most popular and widely recognized music qualifications. ​
  • What is the course best suited for my child?
    Depending on your child's interests, you can choose from piano, singing, drums, or guitar. It's important that your child has some interest in the chosen course. Choose from piano, singing, drums, or guitar based on your child’s interests. The piano is great for beginners learning to read sheet music, while guitar or Western vocals suit those who love rock and pop songs (minimum age for guitar: 8 years old). For Indian music fans, Carnatic or Hindustani Vocals are recommended. Speak to our counselors for guidance and schedule a trial lesson with the perfect teacher. Call us on 9686030684 for course recommendations and a trial class.
  • How do I know my child is learning in class? Will there be any homework?
    Wondering about your child's progress in class? Rest assured, our teachers regularly assess their learning and provide feedback. As for homework, it varies by course and teacher. Some may assign practice exercises or projects to reinforce learning, while others focus on in-class activities.
  • What does Mela teach?
    From performances to live bands, we offer our students a stage to shine. Overcome stage fright, share your musical talent, and learn new skills and discipline with us. We offer one on one music lessons in 1) Vocals | Singing Classes (Hindustaani | Carnatic | Western) 2) Guitar Classes (Acoustic | Electric | Bass | Classical) 3) Ukulele Classes 4) Piano Classes | Keyboard 5) Drums Classes | Cajon 6) Violin Classes
Parents and students have consistently rated us 4.7/5
mela music school parentis tallkigng about how drums classes have helped his son shaan in becoming a better drummer

Santoshkumar Belchada
Bengaluru, India

The best music school!!! One to one attention from expert trainers. My kid loves coming to class and has learned lot of skills in a short period of time with systematic approach. Theory classes has helped him to understand the music sheets and other instruments as well. Mela rocks!!!

mela music school kavya playing the keyboard is giving her feedback about her music classes at mela

Kaavya Sukrutaraj
Saar, Bahrain

This is an amazing music school. I love it here. The school is awesome. The teachers are fun and interactive and the school is well organised

pankaj agrawal, western violin student at mela music school giving his testimonial

Pankaj Agrawal 
Mumbai, India

Mela music school has helped me reconnect with my passion for music. i look forward to my music lessons every week and absolutely love that Mela lets us music students perform online and offline as well!


Our faculty are hired through a rigorous vetting procedure that is formally documents with multiple references, interviews and identity checks.

At Mela, we don't just hire music teachers – we handpick kindred spirits. Our meticulous selection process goes far beyond formal documents and checks – it's about finding individuals who embody the Mela magic.

Safety and nurturing go hand-in-hand: We create a haven where all ages feel supported, respected, and inspired. Our teachers foster a positive, inclusive environment where every child can blossom and thrive.

mela music school students learning guitar. one gurl is playing the guitar and smiling. the guitar teacher is talking to her and explaining how to play the guitar

Learn the art of music with the best music classes onlin

At Mela, we understand the profound impact music has on young minds.

Music, at its core, is a powerful educational tool. By engaging our student'ss creative minds and tapping into their emotional intelligence, our students develop invaluable life skills:

1) Enhanced focus and concentration: Mastering complex musical concepts hones their ability to sustain attention and absorb information, a valuable skill that transfers effortlessly to other areas of learning.

2) Boosted confidence and self-esteem: Sharing their musical gifts, whether virtually or in-person, empowers students to break out of their shells and express themselves with newfound confidence.

3) Lifelong love of learning: We foster a growth mindset within our students, encouraging them to embrace challenges and celebrate mistakes as stepping stones on their musical journey, nurturing a lifelong love of learning.

Enrolling children in online music classes helps them understand their talent better. 

Learn MUSIC -  Online or Locally 

Begin your music classes & make learning music fun with Mela Music School


At Mela Music School, we offer both online music classes as well as local in person offline music classes. We offer you the flexibility to even opt for a blend of both mediums. This is perfect for our busy students juggling work or studies,  who can benefit from both our online music classes as well as come to our studio when they feel they need offline music classes.

Music makes the world go round

Bengaluru | Mumbai
Kolkata | Delhi
Hyderabad | Chandigarh
UK | USA | UAE | Bahrain
Austalia | Singapore 
Belgium | Malaysia


mela music school students are from all over the world. this image shows all the different stduents that mela music school has in the world map. the map is blue in colour and different kids are playing music in the countries thatthey are from

At Mela Music School, 500+ students from 14 countries and 6 time zones follow their music passion conveniently from home.

Offering 15+ courses, we've conducted 63,000+ online sessions, including piano classes, guitar classes, and popular Carnatic singing classes, Hindustani classes, and Western singing classes.

a mela music school student is learning to play keyboard. she is looking at the camera and smiling and playing the keyboard. she is a student of mela music school and is wearing a grey tee shirt. the keyboard is black


Come experience the magic of Mela and see your child grow with music

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