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a boy is sitting on a stool and playing the ukulele

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Fees Per Month: INR 4,500
Registration Fees: INR 1,000

a man is holding and playing the chords on a ukulele

Experience Music in a Whole New Way

Discover musical concepts through your favorite songs. Gain the ability to read and play music, expanding your song repertoire

A Safer, Quality Learning Environment

Our faculty selection process is strict, selecting only 1 in every 10 applicants. Every instructor undergoes personal interviews and a rigorous screening, ensuring a secure learning environment for your child.

a young boy is sitting on the floor learning to play the ukelele

Individualized Learning Journey

Embrace personalized one-on-one classes tailored to your pace. Progress faster than in group lessons with exercises designed exclusively for you.

2 girls are holding the ukelel and sitting on the floor and smiling


Learn Face to Face

Students and teachers see each other via video and have real time personalised guitar classes


Learn Faster

Teachers spend more time with students, ensuring they pick up techniques faster than group lessons


Concerts | Recitals

At Mela, all students showcase their skills on stage in bands at our concerts and smaller recitals. 

Enrolling in the ukulele classes at Mela Music School has been an incredibly enriching experience. The instructors are not just skilled musicians but also exceptional educators who make learning the ukulele an absolute joy

Sajid Aslam

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Featured Review

a young girl is sitting on the stool and playing the chords of the ukulele

What will you master in our ukulele class?

Essential Techniques: Learn proper posture, finger placement, fundamental chords, and strumming techniques crucial for playing the ukulele.

Rhythm and Harmony: Develop a keen sense of rhythm, timing, and musical notation, establishing a strong foundation for playing songs and grasping music structure.

Introduction to Music Theory: Acquire a basic understanding of music theory components such as scales, notation, and chord progressions, fostering deeper exploration and progress in ukulele playing

Who is this ukulele class for?

This course welcomes enthusiasts of all levels—whether starting from scratch or with some experience. Join us to embrace, play, and perform your cherished tunes on stage

Lesson Plan

Week 1-2:Introduction to the Ukulele

Learn how to hold and strum the ukulele correctly.
Basic chords: C, G, Am, F. Practice transitioning between these chords.
Introduction to simple strumming patterns.

Week 5-6:

Basic Melodies and Songs

Learn to play simple songs by combining chords and melodies.
Work on timing and playing along with a metronome or backing track.

Week 9-10:

Song Interpretation and Style

Focus on song interpretation and personal style.
Experiment with different strumming patterns and fingerpicking styles in songs.
Play and sing along to various genres (pop, folk, etc.).

Week 3-4:

Strumming Techniques and Rhythms

Explore various strumming patterns (e.g., down-strums, up-strums, fingerpicking).
Practice rhythm exercises with chord changes.
Learn new chords: D, Em, A.

Week 7-8:

Advanced Chords and Progressions

Expand chord knowledge: Bb, Dm, E7, A7.
Practice chord transitions and barre chords.
Introduction to chord progressions in songs.

Week 11-12:

Performance Preparation

Refinement of techniques, chords, and song choice.
Prepare a piece or song for a mini-recital or performance.
Work on stage presence, confidence, and playing in front of others.

Getting started at Mela Music School


Book a trial by calling us or filling the book a trial form


Attend your trial lesson, meet your music teacher and confirm your slots.


Your student counselor will get in touch to pay and enroll.

The Mela Music School Advantage

an indian boy is playing the melody on the ukulele.
1 on 1
LIVE Classes

Learn the charming melodies of ukulele tunes you adore. Our personalized one-on-one classes ensure faster progress compared to group sessions. Join our online ukulele classes for convenience without the hassle of traffic. Start your ukulele journey with us today

a young student is sitting on the stool and holding a ukulele. she is learning to play the ukulele

Our certified music teachers specialize in ukulele. Beyond their passion for music, they bring expertise with professional degrees. Discover a seamless learning experience, mastering basic to advanced ukulele chords with our skilled and performing musician instructors

a teacher is teaching a liitle girl how to play ukulele. both of them are on the ground and learning to play the ukulele
Certifications & Performances

At Mela Music School, our certified ukulele teachers provide diverse performance chances, from band sessions to recitals. 

2 girls sitting on the ground holinng ukulele getting ready for their ukulele class in mela music school

1 on 1 Ukulele Classes

The most effective way to master the ukulele is through personalized, private lessons.

Embrace the opportunity to strum your favourite tunes on this delightful beginner friendly instrument, scheduling lessons that match your pace and preferences. At Mela Music School, our skilled ukulele instructors cater to beginners and those refining their skills.


Experience tailored, individual sessions that foster seamless learning in a safe, friendly environment. Join us to explore the joy of ukulele playing with weekly one-hour sessions crafted exclusively for your progress

Call our counsellors to get started with
your ukulele classes today

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