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Online Drum Lessons vs. Face to Face: Which is Right For You?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

best online drum classes
best online drum classes

In the past, finding a good teacher was the only way to learn the drums. Nowadays, the answer to any percussion-related question can be found online in seconds and is often in the palm of your hand. Are online drum lessons replacing the need for a traditional drum teacher? Or is there no substitute for old-fashioned face-to-face learning? We'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each method in this online drum lessons vs. face-to-face article.


There are thousands of tuition videos available for free on Youtube. Thus, you can learn to play drums online for free, at your convenience, and with unlimited access to content.

The lack of cost is appealing, but finding the right content with the proper structure to fit your needs as a player can be difficult. Therefore, we always recommend going with a paid option. It's true what they say: you get what you pay for.

An in-person drum tutor at Mela Music School will understand your needs and guide you to your goals. We also offer a free trial on our best online drum classes to help you decide if our platform is right for you before you enroll.


Since online drum lessons are free, you don't get to interact with other students or a trainer. Let's say you decide to learn to play the drums by watching YouTube videos - other than leaving a comment on the video, there's no way to communicate with the person teaching you. However, spending a little money on the best online drum classes allows for more interaction through videos, tailored messages, and feedback on your playing. Taking face-to-face online drum lessons is not only good for building a rapport with your trainer but also lets you meet other people who share your interests through their student network.


Regular feedback is an important part of online drum lessons; without it, you can quickly develop bad habits. There may be fewer opportunities for this valuable feedback with free online learning. Whereas, working with a private tutor on the best online drum classes, who provides real-time feedback on aspects like technique and timing, would make it hard for you to develop bad habits.


Drummers prefer the best online drum classes because they can learn at their own pace. There's never a bad time to pick up the sticks and practice your skills with pre-recorded lesson content (as long as your neighbors don't mind). This could be effective for someone who is unavailable during regular lesson times or doesn't have time to commit to regular lessons at all. With a good teacher, you can work at your own pace without feeling stressed.


Many music schools run face-to-face online drum lessons, which means signing up for such lessons comes with the added benefit of joining a local community of musicians. This allows drummers to meet guitarists, bass players, singers, and other musicians and sometimes form their first bands.

This is a perk specific to enrolling yourself in music school that doesn't always come with Zoom/Skype lessons with a local teacher and is rarely available online.


It's difficult to say which method will allow a student to make the most progress because it largely depends on the amount of time spent practicing and learning each week. However, we can make comparisons via progress tracking, which is an important aspect of the best online drum classes.

The best online drum classes focus mainly on goal setting and tracking progress. They help set and achieve personal goals and provide detailed progress feedback.


The world of information can be overwhelming for someone starting to play the drums for the first time. As previously discussed, searching the internet for 'beginner drums' or 'how to play drums' may be the first call for many. However, bad habits are most likely to develop when learning an instrument since there are so many postures and techniques. That's why well-thought-out, logically structured beginner face-to-face online drum lessons are best for learning the fundamentals.


For some, simply being able to play the drums is enough qualification to teach the instrument. A completely separate skill set is required to effectively pass on the knowledge and equip students with the necessary resources. The drawback of online lessons is that you may not know the person teaching you. This is especially true for free content on websites like YouTube. Whereas the best online drum classes give you a clear background of their instructors so you can be sure of their credibility.

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