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Keyboard Lessons for kids

keyboard lessons
keyboard lessons

Are you looking for the best keyboard lesson for your kid? We got you covered. Mela Music provides each interested parents and their kids with the best keyboard Lessons or Piano lessons. The interactive teaching technique is precise, which you will appreciate for your kid's musical upbringing.

What Is The First Step To The Keyboard Lesson for Kids?

Well, there are numerous methods that smoothly design the first keyboard lesson for the kids. However, have you wondered why kids find it fun to remember the names of the animals rather than the alphabet? Why not take this path to help them memorize the primary Octave?

Yes, sure, the stretch of the note is challenging, even for the adults to memorize the keys in the first class. Therefore break them down. First, let them be clear with C D E F. Then let them remember G A B. Just clarify the idea that there are seven notes and begin the musical session with the best teacher in the industry from Mela Music School Bangalore.

Now settle your kid in front of the keyboard/piano. Sitting comfortably with the correct posture is the second step for the keyboard lesson. After settling down, educate them that the pianist plays the higher note with the right hand, and with the left hand, they play the lower note.

Why? Because it's easier this way. Let them play their fingers through the white and black keys on the Keyboard to understand and grasp the notes, the tones, and the pitch. Ask them if they understand the significant differences between the notes or not.

Ask your kid to play the groups of two black and three black notes, considering the entire Keyboard. However, please encourage them to stick with the left and right-hand policies.

Keyboard Lesson- Introducing The Animals

Now introduce the animals. Name C as CAT and ask them to determine all the CAT in the Keyboard. Make sure they use their right hand for the higher octaves and leave their left hand for the lower octaves. Teach them about Octave. Tell them Octave means eight notes, similar to an octopus's eight legs.

For D, tell them it's DOG, the immediate note after C, CAT, and that comes between two black keys. Tell them to find out all the DOGs from the Keyboard.

It's time for E, and you know which animal to pick this time. It's the ELEPHANT. E is placed on the other side of the black key. Ask them to look for all the Es from the Keyboard.

What about F? Tell them F is FROG, and the key is placed before the group of 3 black notes. Repeat the previous methods to let them grasp the concept.

For G, it's GIRAFFE. Repeat the above-mentioned process and ask your kid to find all the Gs from the piano. Don't forget to encourage the usage of the left(lower than middle C) and the right hand(higher than middle C).

A for ANTS. Teach them that the first and lowest note on the Keyboard is A.

The last key is B, and it is BEAR. You should repeat the above-mentioned process to clarify the idea.

Memorizing The Keys Is Important For Keyboard Class

Well, it's time for a quick test on the names of the keys you just taught. Ask your kid the name of the keyboard keys. See if they can point it out or not. Remembering the names of the animals might be fun, which the kids might look up to as a challenge.

It might not be a stroll in the park, but your kid will find it easy after some practice. Make sure that you play the game at the beginning of every Keyboard class. Once you observe confidence in their approach. Jumble the letters up. Also, see if they can move backward or not.

What Is The Best Age To Start Your Keyboard Lessons For Beginners?

Typically, the age group is between 6-9 years. An older student has the chance to make the journey a bit effortless. However, 6 is the minimal level when a kid can jump on with the Keyboard class.

Which Mode Should You Consider For the Keyboard Class?

Mela Music School has online/offline keyboard lesson plans you can choose from. Besides, you can also take the Keyboard class with your son/daughter since we believe anyone in any age group can learn the Keyboard. The skilled instructors from Mela Music school offer one hour of weekly sessions at your convenience.

Online Keyboard Lessons

If your kid finds it difficult to converse with anyone unknown, they should begin their online Keyboard class. The interactive pedagogy introduced by Mela Music School is superb in facilitating their inner pianist in the most brilliant way possible. It is a "NO" distraction instruction method where the instructor will concentrate on teaching the pupil entirely.

Additionally, if your kid is not comfortable playing the keys in front of their classmates, don't push them, Because playing the Keyboard is an inspirational art, and when it's pushed, the result does not turn out fine.

The teachers will be ready to answer every question asked by the would-be pianist. Further, if you have a transferable job and can't find any good music school nearby, without question, enroll in Mela Music school's online Keyboard class today.

Offline Keyboard Class

If you belong from Bangalore and are looking for a good keyboard tutorial plan for your kid, then without any further delay, enroll in our offline keyboard classes. Besides, if your kids love making friends and are utterly competitive, then this is what you should choose. The instructor will readily guide your kid with the lesson plans on the spot. Additionally, this boosts moral values and builds confidence. So why not.

In Conclusion

Playing the Keyboard is an art. Just watch the magnificent orchestral performances on Youtube. Don't you want your kid to perform on this enigmatic instrument as a pianist? So Book our Free Trail Session and clear all your doubts about the keyboard class today. Hurry UP!!

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