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Five ways to get the most out of your online music lessons - Teacher Tips

With changing times, most of us now have adapted to doing everything we used to do in person using online platforms. Going from face-to-face to online music classes can be a bit of a transition for some, so here are a few teacher-approved tips for making the most of your online music classes in India:

Be Prepared

We would like to think that all students come to their lessons practiced and prepared every

week, but when your music lessons are online, being prepared ahead of time becomes even more important. Before your beginner music lessons start, make sure any sheet music or resources are printed, any audio files, such as exercises or backing tracks, are downloaded and ready to play, and your instrument is set and ready to go. This will help ensure that your lesson runs as smoothly as possible and that you can power through everything your instructor has planned for you! It will also mean that you will have everything prepared when it comes time to practice.

Set Up Your Home Space

A few small adjustments to your home practice area will help you get the most out of online music classes by making it much easier for your instructor to see and hear you. You can easily set up your device on a tripod so that your entire body and instrument are visible. For guitarists, this could mean from the front; for pianists, it could mean from the side. The larger your device screen, the better because it allows you to be further away from your device while still seeing it clearly. Using headphones and external microphones, as well as connecting your instrument to your computer via an audio interface, will allow your teacher to hear you clearly.

Also, it helps you pay attention to your surroundings - if you can set up somewhere quiet and free of distractions, it will make things easier for both you and your teacher.

Try to do your beginner music lessons in a way that resembles your face-to-face lessons. That means if you're a singer, you should be standing! We know it's tempting to do everything from your bed, but you'll be more focused and get a better sound if you stand.

And remember, a simple setup done well will give better results than spending thousands of rupees on the best tech equipment when you don't know how to use them properly, and no amount of money will be able to practice for you!


Again, this should go without saying for all online music classes in India, but the easiest way to get the most value for your money is to practice regularly!

Communicate with your teacher during the week

One of the best things about online music classes for a teacher is that it allows them to get a picture of the practice environment students to have at home. It includes where they do most of their practicing, what instruments they have, and how much space they have. However, it still doesn't show what happens between lessons. To make the most of your beginner music lessons, send your teacher practice clips throughout the week so they can give you feedback or direct your next lesson.

Play for fun!

When you are cooped up all day, you may feel bored. So make time to listen to music, sing or play your instrument, jam with family members, write songs, share music online, compose or improvise, and stay connected to your favorite artists via live streams. Remember, music should be a source of joy and excitement first and foremost, and nowadays, we must do things that make us feel passionate and connected!

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