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10 Great Ways To Teach Yourself To Sing Online

Singing is one of the most coveted pursuits of many people. However, most don't end up pursuing it because they feel that they won't be able to sing. Well, you'll be glad to learn that this is a huge misconception. Whether it's joining an online music school or practicing some basic breathing techniques, you can teach yourself to sing in due course of time!

Often regarded as the best music school in India, Mela Music School has established a reputation for itself in helping people become amazing singers. As such, we have crafted this write-up to show you ten great ways you can teach yourself to sing! So without any further ado, let's begin!

Top 10 ways you can become a singer by yourself

Practice breathing exercises regularly: Singing takes practice and the better hold you have on your breathing, the more you will be able to sing. The control over the flow of air is important as it allows the singer to touch higher vocal ranges without damaging the voice. Breathing exercises also open up the chest making it possible to sing at your fullest potential.

It is noteworthy that breathing exercises alone will not be enough. Breathing exercises work towards improving the quality of voice. Breathing through the diaphragm is a crucial part of breathing.

Identifying the right tones and pitch: While you are training your voice to sing at its best, it is important to be able to identify the right tones and notes. Learning how to sing the right pitch is also about being able to hear when the right pitch has been reached. So that when you are able to sing at the right pitch, you would know. Even if you are singing after a song, identifying the right pitch ensures you sing the song well and are confident about the practice you are doing.

The simplest way to train your ear to identify pitch is by listening to songs at a louder volume. Select a preferred note that you want to hear, pause the music, and attempt at recreating the section with the intention to match the pitch. Additionally, record your performance and play along with the song to identify if you are able to sing properly or need more rehearsals to improve. Alternatively, you can join an online music school for the right guidance.

Have a flow when singing: Pair this tip when practicing breathing exercises. It is an essential trait of a singer that can be developed over time through continuous and regular practice. The initial attempts can be difficult but once you have developed the skill, it will become easier for you to master breath flow control while singing. Flow is all about singing lyrics in one go while maintaining a melodious tone. This happens because the song is being sung in one line with each exhale.

This is a rather easy technique to master and requires practice. Your voice will sound smoother and more melodious.

Identify different types of voices: Singing with proficiency involves Identifying voice ranges and the different types of voices that can be used during the performance. Higher notes feel like a vibration in the head and lower notes feel like a vibration in the chest whereas a mixed voice is a combination of both. The best music school in India has vocal coaches who can help you in identifying where you are making the sound and the improvements you can make.

Record your singing practices: It is difficult to be singing and keep note of all the times and pitches you could be getting wrong. By recording yourself, you will be able to rehearse completely and also check the places where the tuning was off. The voice when singing sounds full and resonant in the head & this is where a recording can tell how exactly you are singing in real without the resonance. It also helps in the self-evaluation of vocal tones and boosts confidence since you see all the time spent practicing finally bear fruit.

Take online singing courses from Mela Music School

We offer online singing courses via Skype and Google Hangouts.

Our one-on-one live courses are based on what you want to learn and achieve from the course.

If you have any queries regarding the course you want to take, you can always contact us, and our student counselors will be more than happy to assist you in picking and choosing a course and booking your free trial class.

Step 2: Schedule a trial

Schedule your free trial by filling up the Schedule a Trial form. We will get back to you within 24 hours via email or WhatsApp and confirm your slot timings.

Do watch the demo video on how to set up your trial class.

You will need: A strong internet connection, a computer, a mic or a headset, a webcam, and Skype or Hangouts ID

Step 3: Book your slot

We will contact you after your trial class to book your slot with the available slot timings

Gradually work towards increasing your range: Through regular practice, you will be able to identify your vocal range. The vocal range is made up of all the pitches that you are able to consistently hit. But if you are getting trained through an online music school in India, you. will be able to identify and hit the high notes and the warm lows through the vocal coach's guidance.

Improving the vocal tone: When singing for the first time, chances are you may not like the sound of your own tone at first. Identifying the range and the tone that makes your voice sound good is the range you would want to continue singing at.

Warming up your throat is important: If you start singing directly, chances are you may end up damaging your voice. Vocal warmups are really important to ensure you are able to sing without feeling any discomfort in the throat. Humming scales, lip buzzing, singing octave slides and more are simple ways of warming up your voice before starting.

Daily practice sessions are important: Voice is a medium and needs rehearsals to perfect it. Make sure you are able to practice on a regular basis. By finding a 'music school near me', consider taking admission into Mela Music Academy, a renowned online music school in India that creates a platform for singers to practice at their own pace. Overuse of vocal cords can cause damage and an online music school curriculum is designed to prevent that from happening. Sing your favorite song and rehearse parts you want to master!

Looking for the best music school in India? Enroll at Mela Music Academy today!

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