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Everyone has the fantasy of playing the Happy birthday song on the Piano in their childhood. Almost everyone has played with the electric piano toy where you press a key, and the whole music starts playing. Your parents appreciate that you played well!


But some have a keen interest in playing the Piano's keys and playing different songs. The first step while learning Piano is to play Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, but today it is a lot more than that. Piano was first invented by Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori in 1709 in Italy. Earlier the name of the Piano was pianoforte which means that it can play notes both quietly and loudly.


Today, students can learn Piano online just by sitting at their homes and can play or compose any song they wish to. Learning Piano online is gradually becoming easier. If one can't buy a piano, there are certain software or applications by which you can play it via your mobile or computer, like you can practice notes and chords and receive feedback from the experts. You can also learn to play your favorite songs and play them for your favorite ones just by sitting at a place in less time frame. Like learning music online, online piano classes also work on the same pattern, i.e.Beginner, intermediate, and advanced.



  • Beginner- In this stage, people will learn the basics of the Piano. They will be presented with the basics of staff notation on the treble clef and bass clef. They will learn about dynamics, articulation, and random notes. They will also learn techniques such as C pentacle, C major, and A minor scales. They will also gain knowledge in rhythm reading and sight-reading.

This course is designed to make a student understand how a piano functions the right way and in a professional manner.


  • Intermediate- In this stage, students will LEARN PIANO ONLINE in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of the Piano. It will focus more on practicing technical aspects like discovering various music styles, genres, etc. In addition, they will be learning multiple scales such as G major, E Natural Minor, A natural minor, and many more. This course will also cover music composition on their own using various notes and scales.


  • Advanced- In this stage, the student must know how to play the Piano professionally well in advance. They might not face any difficulty in learning the advanced techniques. This course mainly focuses on evaluating your composition by the experts. The respective academy is issuing a final certificate as a token of appreciation and further performances.


Apart from this course structure, many other courses are usually short for beginners and advanced players. They are designed based on a song composition like you can learn and play the song you love, discover the composition of your melodies, have a one-to-one evaluation and mentoring sessions, and many more. In addition, some applications allow you to practice the piano sessions in simple steps, i.e., play your composition that you have learned or designed, get feedback, and level up your performance as you sill up.


You're learning the piano to enjoy the deep satisfaction of creating music for yourself. What other people think doesn't matter. Set aside all of your doubts and commit to the JOURNEY of learning to play the piano.


We want everyone, everywhere, to be able to learn the piano at Mela Music. We'll teach you proper posture, technique, sight-reading, playing by ear, composing, improvising, appreciating music, playing beautifully, and being wonderful.



Nowadays we can easily LEARN PIANO ONLINE which enables a person to follow his passion and complete all her wishes and fantasies regarding the same.

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