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Mela Music School, Bangalore- Should You Choose Singing Classes Online

If you have an avid passion for the variety of songs you hear in your music system daily, why don't you take up singing classes online this year? Mela Music academy is here to make your musical journey warm, cozy, proficient, and detailed. 


All credit goes to the massive global pandemic hit, right? You can absorb the beauty of singing and music lessons online by being in a space where you feel comfortable. Without a doubt, it's a palpable situation for introverts, but people other than them also enjoy and learn music better while they are in their choice of surrounding. 


But does Mela teaches anything else other than vocal lessons? 

The answer is yes, and here Mela has-

  • Guitar Classes

  • Violin Classes

  • Music Classes

  • Piano Classes  

  • Keyboard Classes

  • Tabla Classe

But because you are here to learn about singing classes online, let us get going with-

Singing Classes Online- What will you learn in Western Music?

Western music originated in Europe, was born during ancient times, and continues to develop and grow its variety. The music form is wholly based on tonic progression and counterpoint. 


These musical forms follow a very restricted style; you must play the note accurately here.

So, would you like to know what are the genres that come under western vocal classes-

  • Blues Music 

  • Children's Music 

  • Country Music 

  • Dance Music 

  • Disco Music 

  • Electronic Dance Music (EDM) 

  • Film Score 

  • Folk Music 

  • Funk Music 

  • Gospel Music 

  • Hip Hop Jazz 

  • Latin Music 

  • March Music 

  • New Age Music 

  • Reggae 

  • Rhythm and 

  • Blues 

  • Rock and Roll Rock 

  • Soul Music 

  • World Music


Our teachers will train you-

  • Body awareness, 

  • Correct breathing technique, 

  • Rhythm, 

  • Stage presentation 

  • And working with a band.

Definitely, there would be much more in your online singing classes. To learn in detail, Book Your Free Trial session right now. 

What will you learn in Hindustani Singing Classes Online?

This classical Indian music originated in the 13th and 14th C from northern India.

  • Dhrupad, 

  • Khayal, and 

  • Thumri.

 These are the primary form of Hindustani music that you will learn here.


So did you know that Amir Khusro is the father of Hindustani music? 

Of course, there is much more to learn than the father of Hindustani music from online singing classes. But our teacher will make your singing classes delightful and pleasant for sure.

What would you learn in online Carnatic music classes?

Carnatic music is Indian classical music originating from the Southern part of the Country. This classical musical form follows the traditional octave emphasizing the lyrics of the songs particularly. Carnatic music is Kriti- based, thus focusing a lot on the Tala and Raga. Carnatic music has-

  • Pallavi, 

  • Anu Pallavi, 

  • Varnam and 

  • Ragamalika.


This classical form of the song is very relaxing when heard and sung. Besides, if your kid is enrolling in singing classes, you will observe notable changes in hand-eye coordination. Additionally, the beautiful soothing music will boost your listening skills too. 


Of course, this is the very minute portion of Carnatic music. The classical musical form holds a rich Indian heritage to it. If you would like to know more, book your Free Trail session today with Mela and absorb the magic of this Conventional Classical music any time soon.

Singing Classes Online- Why should you choose Mela Music School?

Well, your search for the best singing classes near me ends here at Mela Music School since-

  • Our teachers make each available class exciting, fun, and enriching.

  • We promise to provide each enthusiastic pupil with the best and most effective training course suitable to attain their desired milestones. 

  • We have developed a supportive community for students to aim high and grow big in their musical journey.

  • We assure you that we will offer you the result-driven music education you need for your music profession.

  • You get to choose between online and offline courses. 

  • Our educators are always here to assist you, letting the students understand their room for improvement. 

Singing Classes Online- Music Theory?

Well, one must learn the Art of Music through music theory. Mela developed and delivered- 

  1. Music Theory Fundamentals 

  2. Intro to Western Classical Music

  3. Melodic Forms & Simple Harmony

  4. The Blues: An American Art Form

  5. Ear Training & Sight Reading

  6. The Art of Musical Improvisation

  7. Music Composition & Arrangement

  8. Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

  9. Rhythm Section Pop Rock, Funk, Jazz


We have covered everything noteworthy in music theory here, which will be enough to give you a professional music career both in your country and internationally. 


Why Should you Choose Mela Music School?

Mela music school trains students for grades such as -

  • ABRSM Training, 

  • Trinity Grades Training, and

  •  LCM Training 

Further, the musical journey designed by Mela is suitable for every age group. Book your free trial session and learn everything about your choice of courses today. Hurry Up before the seats run out.

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