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Top 5 Keyboard Learning Tips And Tricks For Beginners For 2023

keyboard learning for beginners
keyboard learning for beginners

Are you motivated to enrol in keyboard learning for beginners this season? Well, we are here to make your passion for playing the keyboard real. Mela Music offers each enthusiastic student the fundamentals to the advanced levels of music, which is not only limited to making it a hobby but an actual career too. The course content offered by us specializes at-

  • Grand-style piano classes

  • Keyboard and synthesizer

But is there something you must know before starting keyboard learning for beginners?

Yes, there are some significant areas that you must get educated about before starting your keyboard learning for beginners. This allows you to perfect ahead of your first class and stay on your toes.

So here are the-

5 Keyboard Learning Tips And Tricks For Beginners For 2023

On an honest note, learning piano is challenging. But you will need more time to stay rigid with the idea. When you're taking training from our experts, the community we have developed over the years will ensure that you grow confident with time and come out of your shell in a couple of days. But practice, patience and support from your teachers and peers will help you indefinitely.

1-Be flexible

Putting pressure on your shoulder to become the best and perfect pianist is not practical. You have to remain flexible with every mistake you make. The more mistakes you make, the earlier you learn about the course content.

Training yourself with accurate finger movement, the right rhythm, and the keys will take time. It might even give your fingers and wrist region a cramp. But giving up is not what we do or encourage here. Because if you give up, you are not meant to be here.

Place your right hand over the keys gently and let the finger press the keys very delicately. Mind you, these are not computer keyboards. Keep your palms and wrist relaxed. These let you control the finger effortlessly while reaching the far-away keys straightforwardly.

2-Hand positioning and finger movement

See, beginning with the right hand is always suggested(even if you are left-handed). It's because, according to piano keys, the left hand is used to play chords, and the right hand is used to play scales. You must place your right hand's fingers comfortably on the Middle C.

Learn the chords and scales separately, then gradually sync your hands. When you find your hands performing simultaneously, you will notice improved coordination in your professional and personal lifestyle. Also, you will sense a smoothness in your keyboard-playing session. Isn't it amazing?

3-Do you hear a rhythm?

Playing without rhythms will harm your entire effort of playing music. Besides, rhythm and tempo are the fundamentals of learning music. So, grasp the idea of the rhythms of each of your favourite pieces.

4-Learn the keys

Every keyboard for beginners comes with 66 keys which is further segregated into 12 groups with seven white keys and five black keys. Look for the Middle C. It is the note which makes you place your fingers accordingly. The rightmost key sounds the shrillest, while the key at the leftmost region sounds the heaviest.

The white keys


The black keys

C# D# F# G# A# (# is pronounced Sharp)

You have to play seven notes repeating the first at last again, making it an OCTAVE.

To make it clear-

Play C D E F G A B C(It is C Major Scale)

This is an OCTAVE.

5-Speed should not be your concern when it comes to music

When you are determined to enrol on keyboard learning for beginners this year, ensure that you don't run for speed but for accuracy. Understanding rhythm is essential, and if you want to play your recently learned note at a smooth speed at its precise rhythm, you have to practise a lot. Better put your diligent effort into learning the instrument, which will automatically let you enjoy the speed in the upcoming days.

Learn some easy music to make your keyboard learning for beginners much more fun than you can imagine. Here are the-

4 Simple Music To Learn Before Enrolling On Keyboard Learning For Beginners This 2023

1-Amazing Grace

This sweet and deep song must be learned before getting ready for keyboard learning for beginners.

Steps to play the song:

  • Press G C E C E D C A G; for Amazing Grace, how sweet that sound

  • Press G C EC E D G; for That saved a wretch like me

  • Press EG EC G AC A G; for I once was lost but now am found

  • Press G C EC E DC; for Was blind, but now I see

keyboard learning for beginners.
keyboard learning for beginners.

2-Fur Elise

You have heard this melody many times, but this is finally when you play this beautiful song with your fingers.

Steps to play the song:

  • PressED#ED#EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, EABC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, ECBA


  • Press ED#ED#EEDCA

  • Press CEAB, EABC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBDCA

3-Happy Birthday

Don't you want to play this happy song to wish your loved ones in their Birthday? Enough playing the melody on your mobile devices. It's time you learn the delightful tune in our keyboard to make it memorable this year.

Steps to play the song:

  • Press on CC DC FE; for Happy Birthday To You.

  • Press CC DC GF; for the 2nd Happy Birthday To You.

  • Press CC AG AD; for Happy Birthday Dear (you person's name).

  • Lastly, press A# A# AF GF; for your last Happy Birthday.

4-Twinkle Twinkle

Not only 'Twinkle Twinkle' was your first English rhyme, but it can be your first keyboard song. This is the most straightforward keyboard song for all age groups to learn before your online keyboard classes.

Steps to play the song:

  • Play CC GG AA G; for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  • And now play FF EE DD C; How I Wonder What You Are.

  • Play GG FF EE D; for Up Above The World So High.

  • Repeat GG FF EE D; for Like A Diamond In The Sky.

  • Play CC GG AA G again for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  • Finish the song on FF EE DD C; How I Wonder What You Are.

While Wrapping Up

So, these are the five essential tips and tricks you must understand before getting into keyboard learning for beginners. Putting lots of pressure on your shoulder before you prepare for your music lesson is not advised. Play it very slowly and gently. Also, the course content styled by our experts does not rush. You are free to go at your speed.

Additionally, our keyboard class is adept for every age group and is available both online and offline. What's more? Once you finish your keyboard learning for beginners, you will receive a completion certificate too. Isn't it wonderful? So, visit our Book Your Free Trail session and learn about keyboard learning for beginners today!!


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