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The Top 5 Hot Courses Being Offered At Mela Music School Right Now

Are you actively looking for ‘music classes near me’ to kick-start your hidden passion for Music? Since Music has no age or limit, Mela Music school is here to make your dream of playing Music come true. The promising pedagogy followed in this music academy is outstanding, which assiduously delivers you the best of the online/offline music courses.

Are you still wondering about ‘music classes near me’,?

Get a detailed look at the courses here at Mela Music School Bangalore.

5 Top Courses Offered Here At Mela Music School Right Now

If you are fascinated by music and would love to discover the topic in-depth, your endless search on ‘music classes near me’ stops right now since Mela Music School offers-

Voice Lesson

If you are looking forward to learning opportunities, Mela Music School teaches talented, interested individuals-

  • Carnatic Music- Carnatic Music is another exemplary fragment of Music that evolved from the 13th Century and is still spreading its branches worldwide seamlessly. This South Indian melody is taught here at Mela Music school, touching every portion of the subject neatly.

  • Hindustani Music- The conventional note of Hindustani Music, which came into existence around North India late in the 12th Century, still rules the Indian mindset. The everlasting appreciation for Music is finely captured by the dextrous educators here at Mela Music school, which they love imparting to enthusiastic individuals through both online and offline modes.

  • Western vocal- Indian loves grooving to western songs. Mela Music school kept that in mind; therefore, here is a course structure that lets all the Music overs of the west learn the intricate Music, its lyrics, and the composition in depth and make a career out of the lesson learned here at Mela Music School.

Drum Lessons

Nothing beats the fun and excitement behind beating the drums. No wonder it takes up the center stage and gives the thunder of energy to the player and the performance held. Mela Music school offers the interested candidates-

  • Latin

  • Soul

  • R n B

  • Pop & Rock

So, better look for 'music classes near me' and stop your search here at Mela Music Academy to enroll in the drum classes today.

Guitar Lessons

Playing guitar fascinates several out there. So, stop your query about the 'music classes near me’ and enroll to learn guitar here at Mela Music School Bangalore. Well, Mela Music School has to offer-

  • Acoustic

  • Bass

  • Classical

  • Electric

Which is lovely, right?

Keys Lessons

The essence of a solid stage performance is controlled through the exposition of the keyboard. Well, there is a massive difference between a keyboard and a piano, which Mela Music School kept in mind. Therefore, you can opt for synthesizer or grand piano courses that follow strategic pedagogy, making it entertaining for all students.

Music Theory

If you are into Music, learning everything in detail about Music theory is essential. Therefore dive deep into-

  1. Music Theory Fundamentals

  2. Intro to Western Classical Music

  3. Melodic Forms & Simple Harmony

  4. The Blues: An American Art Form

  5. Ear Training & Sight Reading

  6. The Art of Musical Improvisation

  7. Music Composition & Arrangement

  8. Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

  9. Rhythm Section Pop Rock, Funk, & Jazz

So, stop searching for 'music classes near me' since Mela Music School is here to make you happy.

Why Should You Stop Your Hunt For ‘music classes near me’ Right Here Mela Music School?

Each of the courses offered by Mela Music School is prepared at

  • the Beginner level,

  • Intermediate level

  • Advanced level

However, a proper discussion over your standard of knowledge will help your mentor determine at which level you are. This will decide your further course of action while taking a particular course.

The teachers train you for exams such as-

  • ABRSM Training

  • Trinity Grades Training

  • LCM Training

These exams can make your musical career. Therefore, the highly trained professionals stationed at Mela Music School help you qualify for the exams, assuring you an exceptional international musical job.

What else-

  • All these courses are available both online and offline.

  • Every student is awarded a completion certificate which makes it a satisfying musical journey.

  • The qualitative and quantitative training program here makes each student grow ambitious and expand their personality as a musician. This assists them in pursuing musical courses abroad as well.

  • Students of all age groups are entertained by their passion for playing Music.

Should You Choose Online Music Lessons?

People often face difficulty coming out of their comfort zone, more specifically after the pandemic. Additionally, many introverts love enjoying their passion in their unique spot. Students who love their own space should

  • Choose the online mode of music learning.

  • Additionally, online music courses are very profitable for children whose parents are employed in transferable jobs or those working a transferable job.

  • Online music classes let you stay focused for the entire hour of Music in the corner of your home.

  • Feel free to ask your instructor about your queries without the slightest fret.

  • You can begin your music learning session with an open and positive mindset.

  • No chance of getting distracted by your peers.

Therefore without brewing any doubt, stop your hunt for ‘music classes near me’ since you are simply at the right spot.

Should You Be Choosing Offline/Local Music Courses?

Now, if you like becoming the life and soul of the party, then you should

  • Look forward to enrolling in offline music classes.

  • Besides, offline classes provide free access to study material, and discussing the same with the instructor is more effortless.

  • Further, offline music lesson helps you enjoy new friendships.

  • In addition, offline music classes promote competitions that eventually help you learn and grow more proficiently.

  • Lastly, when you learn among your peers, it enables you to determine your mistakes more prominently.

Mela Music is the ultimate find in your search on ‘music classes near me’.Therefore, visit Mela Music School right now.

While Concluding

Mela Music School offers comprehensive music lessons to every student as per their grade and understanding of the subject. Besides, the state-of-the-art facility, which styles the entire curriculum, is practical, enjoyable, fun, and rewarding. The pedagogy suits every age group; therefore, both can avail of the top five hot courses from Mela Music school, whether you or your kid. Without further ado, Book a Trial session, or you can directly call or text the Whatsapp number. The representative will contact you within 24 hours. Better hurry up!!


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