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The 7 Best Online Music Lessons (For All Instruments & Ages)

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

best online music lessons
best online music lessons

If music has been your jam since infancy, it's time to enroll in the best online music lessons this year. The only problem remains which course to apply for right. You are perfectly in good hands at Mela Music School, Bangalore.

Mela music academy has the finest course content, which delivers music lessons to students of every age group. Yes, you might be a parent, a professional, a school goes, or a 4th grader. The pedagogy formulated by our experts is brilliant and is worth your time and energy.

So which course to opt for?

7 Best Online Music Lessons From Mela Which You Must Check In 2023

1-How About Online Vocal Classes?

The art of singing gained attention when people began humming melodies. If you are stressed or feeling happy, a song has the power to amuse your mood. Well, enough with singing in the bathroom because Mela is here with expert supervision to help your vocal tune more precisely.

By now, you have practiced a lot at the karaoke station. But receive professional guidance and educate yourself with the nitty gritty of vocal lessons. Enroll in the online vocal/singing course from Mela right today.

We offer you the

  • Carnatic music

  • Western music

  • Hindustani music

So if you are passionate about the same, Book Our Free Trail session today.

2- Online Guitar Classes

The excitement one experiences when listening to the buzzing hits on Guitar strings is beyond words. Some notes have the magic to give goosebumps too. If you love those heart-hitting tunes, why not make your dream of playing Guitar real this year?

The online guitar lessons from Mela are convenient and accurately cover the essentials of this musical instrument. Your agenda on guitar might be anything. It can be a seasonal plaything or a hard-core professional plan. Be it anything, we are here to help you live your passion and ambition.

Mela Music offers enthusiastic students with-

  • Acoustic Guitar Classes

  • Bass Guitar Classes

  • Classical Guitar Classes

  • Electric Guitar Classes

Booking our Free Trail session will help you learn everything about the course.

3-Online Violin Course From Mela

Violin covers various genres playing a significant role in Western classical music. As an avid seeker of music lessons, you can have your online violin lesson planned by us right today; yes, it's that simple. Learn from the experts and pave a path to perform solo or in an orchestra, whatever your call is.

So did you know?

  • The contemporary art of the modern Violin has been in practice for only 500 years.

  • When you play your Violin, you are supposedly burning 150 cal daily.

  • The wooden frame of the instrument is prepared from maple or spruce wood.

  • This musical device comes in several different sizes to choose from.

  • Undoubtedly Violin is one of the most complex musical instruments. But with practice and guidance from the best online music lessons, we can help you live your dream of becoming a violinist.

Book your free trial session to learn every in detail about the online violin lesson plans we prepared.

4-Online Piano Lessons For You

Do you feel mesmerized watching talents on TV playing the Piano? If you feel enticed to listen to the notes played on a Piano without further delay, enroll in our best online music lessons on Piano right now. Besides, the melodies played on this divine music instrument can soothe your exhausted nerves, helping your lifestyle admirably.

Take the opportunity and teach yourself this elegant musical instrument to participate in those gorgeous musical events at the domestic and international levels. With Mela Music advancing your career as a pianist is possible for you guys.

5- You can't Forget the Keyboard, Right?

You must not get confused with Piano and keyboard, which is typical for someone from a non-musical background. But if you have done your homework on the instruments, you know the significant difference between these two, right? Those who didn't, for them

  • Piano is a string instrument.

  • The keyboard is an electrical musical device.

Mela Music teaches their enthusiastic students both keyboard and Piano. Yes, you can play the Piano on your keyboard; however, the acoustic will sound significantly different.

Additionally, the keyboard comes with the prospect of other instruments, like harmonica, organ, Guitar, and more. So why not?

6-Online Tabla Classes To Learn

This classical music instrument never failed to impress us, right? The beats and sounds have a vintage touch, which can be manipulated and played according to the generation. Additionally, Tabla is essential to the Bhakti playlist amidst the Hindu and Sikh culture.

Further, Tabla is again vital in Sufi music. Regarding cultural prospects, Kathak, the traditional dance form, has also given a crucial place to Tabla for playing rhythmic beats. So if your heart dances with the beats of the Tabla, enroll in this best online music lesson right now.

online tabla classes
online tabla classes

7- Online Music Classes

Well, one must learn the Art of Music through music theory. The best online music lessons developed and delivered by us have-

  1. Music Theory Fundamentals

  2. Intro to Western Classical Music

  3. Melodic Forms & Simple Harmony

  4. The Blues: An American Art Form

  5. Ear Training & Sight Reading

  6. The Art of Musical Improvisation

  7. Music Composition & Arrangement

  8. Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

  9. Rhythm Section Pop Rock, Funk, Jazz

Well, you can see that we covered everything noteworthy on the topic of music, which will be enough to give you a professional music career both in your country and internationally.

Why Mela Music School?

Mela Music Academy offers not only online but offline classes to interested students. Once you have finished your term, we will offer you a completion certificate to add to your credentials. Besides, musical grades such as ABRSM Training, Trinity Grades Training, and LCM Training are trained here, which you must consider confirming a fantastic career in music.

So these are the best online music lessons structured for you. Book your free trial session and learn everything about your choice of courses today. Hurry Up before the seats run out.

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