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Online Keyboard Classes- 11 Tips For Beginners That You Must Know

online keyboard classes
online keyboard classes

Are you looking for online keyboard classes to begin a musical journey right from the comfort of your home? Mela Music School is here to get you covered. The Art of Playing the keyboard holds has an extravagant style. Looking at the concerts where the Mastro, along with the skilled musicians, gracefully tuned this musical instrument is an inspiring sight that might have motivated you.

It is always suggested to begin somewhere at the entry-level to grow up in the making slowly. The online keyboard classes finely suffice your dream of becoming big. This is a comprehensive online music course we will talk about a bit later.

But for now, let us throw some light on Keyboards.

What Is Keyboard In The Music Industry?

On layman's tongue, Keyboard is a musical instrument that is a collection of adjacent actual knobs or keys placed side by side. The instrument follows the twelve notes of the Western musical scale, which is played on keyboards using a combination of larger, longer keys and smaller, shorter keys that is repeated at every chord.

Now there are-

  • Synthesizer

  • Grand Piano

Actively taught here at Mela Music School.

But there is a slight difference between a piano and a synthesizer. Let us find out.

Difference Between Keyboard And Piano

Well, the significant differences that separate the Keyboard from the Piano are as follows-

  • The heavily weighed keys in the Piano are superb for structuring your finger muscles. If practiced in these instruments, it enhances your playing technique. So, when you play a note/note in this instrument, the harmonics add luxuriance to the sound that emanates. But when you are playing a keyboard, you can change the heaviness as per the requirement of the tone in the instrument itself. Also, the concept of weighted keys goes completely missing from the Keyboard. However, one can enjoy and play the weighted cords in the MIDI Keyboard (typically a piano-style electronic musical keyboard).

  • Also, a piano needs tuning occasionally; however, a keyboard requires no tuning.

  • Lastly, when you play the Keyboard, you can simultaneously add other notes at the back of the prominent note, which is not at all possible with a piano.

Why Should You Opt For Online keyboard classes From Mela Music School Bangalore?

Choosing an online mode of education has shown its potency during the pandemic. Undoubtedly, the online mode is a multifaceted, versatile path that provides all forms of learning possible right from the corner of your home. Here are the reasons backing up the idea of choosing online music before offline/local Keyboard classes from Mela Music School-

  • The dexterous musicians and educators at Mela Music School are trained professionals who dedicatedly work, committing one hour of the weekly session to their pupils.

  • The teachers provide robust assistance to the students in preparing for the globally acknowledged exams, which will let them look for international opportunities in the future.

  • When going for the online keyboard course material, you will start the musical journey at the beginner level; then, as per your pace, you will go up to the advanced level without entertaining any rush from the instructors.

  • After you finish your course, Mela Music school will provide you with completion certification, which you can produce to advance your carrier prospects.

  • The course structure followed here makes you come out of your shell. Thus, the mentors will let you enjoy a solo or group performance if you feel comfortable.

  • If your parents are in a transferable job, or you are someone employed in a transferable job, then going for online keyboard classes is simply the best. These flexible one-hour weekly sessions beautifully support your dream of becoming a talented musician in no time.

But before you jump straight with the keyboard lesson learning some tricks would make it a straightforward approach. So, here we go with-

11 Tips For Beginners For Beginning Their Online Keyboard Classes

  1. Get a keyboard bench; it will help you enjoy a better hold of your online keyboard lesson. Don't compromise with the available chair in your home. Besides, adding a piano/keyboard bench for your online class offers the needed posture limiting the chance of stressing your muscles. Now, if your child is a student of online keyboard classes, you should add a cushion layer to make the situation more comfortable.

  2. Learn to sit with your Keyboard. Without the right seating arrangement enjoying music is not happening. Try seating yourself on the front end of the seat by placing your feet flat on the surface. It will sure seem bothersome; however, with time, it will improve.

  3. Learn to position your hands; try hanging your hand to your sides which will let the hand form a C shape. You just have to maintain the C shape staying relaxed.

  4. Now position your arms for your online keyboard classes since it's a need. Maintain a straight demeanor while slightly leaning in front(in the direction of your hands playing). This restricts twisting your wrist. Also, the hand position is essential since you do not want repeated injuries while making some fantastic tunes.

  5. Determine the most suitable seating posture for your online keyboard classes.

  6. Use the black keys as your guide. It makes your musical journey much more accessible. So, you need to move your fingers inside the black keys rather than moving your fingers back and forth to the white keys.

  7. Group the keys as musical alphabets. It makes it a sort-after adventure. Group them from ABCDEFG according to the seven notes with only white keys. Remember, after G, it repeats.

  8. Learn the note C by heart. If possible, mark it to learn it by heart. Also, it is the Central Note, so getting acquainted with C will simplify your keyboard classes.

  9. It's time to find the F. Follow the same process as you did with C. Also, each F note is Octave (which means seven notes above or below).

  10. Grab a swift idea about the whole note(it is a dot with an empty middle), half note(it looks like a whole note, however, with raised hand), and quarter note (it is a half note which is, however, all black). It will simplify your keyboard classes. Of course, the teachers will help, but grabbing a first-hand look at the instruments and their features makes it look well-informed.

  11. Follow down the steps you just learned. Experimentation will be your first exercise.

Online Keyboard Classes
Online Keyboard Classes

While Wrapping UP

Don't feel overwhelmed with the guidance mentioned right now. Once you get a hold of these effortless 11 tips for your online keyboard classes, it will be just awesome. So, without any further delay, clutch up these 11 tips and schedule a Trial session with the experts from Mela Music school. The enrollment counselor is always happy to assist you in getting the best online course from the professionals at Mela Music school. Learn everything in detail from Mela Music School today.

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