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About Mela Music Online Music Classes & Online Music Lessons.

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Online Music Lessons

At the Mela Music school, we offer mela music online classes as well as offline music classes for those who especially look for singer classes near me or guitar classes near me and would like to come to our music school in Bangalore to study music.

With the help of the mela music online class, you will be motivated to learn more about music and pick up your instrument to play what you have learned in your online music class. We in our mela music online class offer a wide range of musical instruments to music theory for you to choose from including anything from music theory and songwriting to guitar classes.

Whatever your level of experience with music, whether you're a novice seeking music lessons or a working professional in the music business, you'll discover tips and workshops to help you improve your skills, taught by a skilled group of musicians, artists, producers, and composers. All our faculty have not only degrees in music, but they also have a passion for teaching. This makes mela music online class a fun-filled music class for music learners at all levels.

Learn to play the guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, Carnatic vocals, Western Vocals, Hindustani Vocals, Western Style Guitar, Cajon and other instruments. Improve the quality of your singing and learn something new. Create fresh rhythms, melodies, and lyrics for your music. Learn how to utilise music production, recording, and composition tools or take a course in music theory. Each mela music online class programme is broken down into tiny goals, and each goal set by your music faculty provides the chance to learn music that inspires you.

For music students throughout the globe, the mela music online class by Mela Music School provides ease in studying music while also allowing them to work around their busy schedules. Live, real-time, one-on-one, interactive music class lessons are provided with the mela music online class being conducted on Skype, Google Meet Duo, Zoom, Bottom as well as Microsoft Teams. These online music classes by Mela Music School are effective e-learning - distance training programmes for learning vocal and instrumental music. With the one on one private learning method, you get a seamless music learning experience that is as good as a physical in-person music lesson at a music school near you!

We at Mela Music school aim to recreate the magic of one-on-one music learning as in the ancient Indian Gurukul system – Guru – Shishya parampara (Teacher – Disciple system) with the comfort of learning music at home, the convenience of one's own flexible music class timbre, and a fusion of traditional and modern communications technology. This one on one music learning ensures a rigour that is often missing in group music lessons.

At Mela Music School, your music lessons are conducted by professional music teachers who have a flair for performing. Our music lessons are tailored to your specific needs and objectives, be it playing your favourite song or giving a music examination.

Our music faculty will work with you to achieve your personal objectives, build confidence, and feel good about your music. You will be exposed to the music you like as well as music by the greatest composers in your chosen instrument. Our faculty will inspire you to pick up your instrument and practise it every day fuelling your passion to play music!

We have an awesome community of wonderful students, both in-person and online, who you will meet during your online music performances. We also conduct regular music recitals and performances, because, at Mela Music School, we believe that music you love should be performed in front of an audience. This will give you the required confidence and also the rigour to practice your music homework to ensure you do better and play a more complicated piece for your next performance!

No matter what song you want to learn to play, we will teach you the necessary abilities. Our objective is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Our Music classes are intended for

1. Children from the ages of 4 and up

2. Music Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students

3. Music Enthusiasts who would like to sing their favourite song or play that one song that inspired them.

4. Students who are not in Bangalore and residing close to Mela Music School

Everything You Need to Know About Your Online Music Lessons at Mela Music School

• At Mela Music school, our faculty are professional music instructors with the highest qualifications and years of experience from all over the globe. They are also performers who will encourage your love for music and help you to perform in front of your peers.

• Mela Music School offers interactive online music classes for students of all ages and skill levels that are live, one-on-one, and real-time. This ensures you learn the songs you like and the genre of music you like at the pace best suited for you.

• We offer online music lessons for overseas students that are available at times that are convenient for them. Slots are booked as per your time zone, so you need not worry about the timings of your music classes.

• Learning music online is a safe and convenient solution for kids. You do not need to ferry your kids to their music lessons when they can learn music at home!

• Mela Music School offers the convenience and comfort of studying music at home as part of a private music class session programme.

• Online music classes for students at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of music instruction is offered by us by faculty who are matched based on your experience levels and goals you have set for yourself for your music lessons

• We also offer music classes online in English and regional languages for non-resident Indians (NRIs). This ensures you do not miss out on your cultural roots as you live away from home.

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