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The BEST Violin Classes in Bangalore

Love the violin? Master it by joining the best violin classes in Bangalore!


Ah, the violin. 


There's hardly any other musical instrument as classy and hauntingly melodious as a violin. Being an integral component of an orchestra, the violin has been the harbinger of the emotion and romanticism associated with eras untold through words. 


In India, the violin has been a pivotal accompaniment for Carnatic music and has evolved to become a hugely popular instrument in North Indian classical music.


As the only European musical instrument to have carved a niche in Indian music, the violin has cemented a tremendous legacy for itself in India. 


Naturally, scores of people in our country are more eager than ever to learn to play the violin and, ultimately, master it. In Bangalore alone, the violin has gained widespread prominence and popularity over the years, and today, people of all ages are learning how to play the violin through local and online violin classes. 


So if you are searching for the best violin classes in Bangalore, look no further than Mela Music Academy.


With a deep-rooted understanding of the various nuances of this beautiful musical instrument, such as tuning, posture, balancing, and crafting a rhythm, Mela Music Academy is inspired by passion and excellence to create and nurture expert violinists in Bangalore. 


Our courses are handcrafted to bring out the violinist in you! 


Whether it's the classical violin style or the vintage fiddle style of America, our Violin course for beginners is what you need to start playing the violin at the highest level. 


We provide both local and online violin classes, which you can choose from at your convenience. 


  • When it comes to our local lessons, you will always have opportunities to perform with your violin, test yourself and improve your skills. We have an annual student musical showcase wherein students learn the nitty-gritty of performing in bands and regular recitals. Additionally, we also have ample workshops in the academy. 


  • We also offer online lessons which you can take from the comfort of your home. With strategically structured online lessons, you can rest assured of the most comprehensive online violin classes that are bound to tune your skills in the right direction.


Enroll in courses tailored for you


  • Local classes


Step 1: Pick your course


We offer one-on-one private lessons for all our music lessons. You will be coming in one hour, once a week for class.


The first 3 hours of lessons will be in the one-on-one format. The last week of the month is devoted to group theory classes that focus on music theory. In the next month, you will begin with your three private classes, followed by a theory class. 


Step 2: Schedule a trial


Schedule your free trial by filling up the Schedule a Trial form or by calling us. We will book your trials class at our Music Academy as per your availability. 


If you have any queries regarding the course you want to take, you can always contact us, and our student counselors will be more than happy to assist you in picking and choosing a course and booking your trial class. 


Step 3: Book your slot


We will book your slot as per the available slot timings. 


Lessons happen 1 hour once a week, and the slot you have chosen remains fixed every week unless you have requested a rescheduled class 24 hours in advance via email. 


Once your slot has been finalized, you can pay and begin your music lessons at Mela Music Academy!


  • Online classes


Step 1: Pick your course


We offer online music lessons via Skype and Google Hangouts. 


Our one-on-one live courses with our online violin tutor are based on what you want to learn and achieve from the course. 


If you have any queries regarding the course you want to take, you can always contact us, and our student counselors will be more than happy to assist you in picking and choosing a çourse and booking your free trial class. 


Step 2: Schedule a trial


Schedule your free trial by filling up the Schedule a Trial form. We will get back to you within 24 hours via email or WhatsApp and confirm your slot timings. 


Do watch the demo video on how to set up your trial class. 


You will need:


  1. A strong internet connection, computer, a mic or a headset, and a webcam

  2. Your instrument (violin)

  3. Skype or Hangouts ID 


Step 3: Book your slot


After your trial class, we will contact you to book your slot with the available slot timings. 


Lessons happen 1 hour once a week, and the slot you have chosen remains fixed every week unless you have requested a rescheduled class 24 hours in advance via email.


Once your slot has been finalized, pay online and begin the best online violin classes at Mela Music Academy!


If at any point you are unhappy with the lessons, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to refund your balance payment. 


The Suzuki Method: Our quintessential violin learning methodology for you


The Suzuki violin method is a special violin learning curriculum that had its inception many decades ago by well-known Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. 


This method is as much a philosophy as you can comprehend and focuses on developing excellent violin skills among young musical minds. 

Through the Suzuki violin method, we lay utmost emphasis on imbibing the following qualities in you:


  • Tonalization


We help the violinist recognize, understand, and produce a clear, beautiful, and melodious tone from their violin. 


  • Instrument recording


It goes without saying that listening to one's own and others' music is an excellent means to learn the particulars of the violin flawlessly. 


  • Being in sync with the music


Through our training, we ensure that one can play the music that is in direct harmony with their channel of thoughts. This way, it gets easier to learn advanced techniques of the violin.


  • Perfect platform for the Suzuki method


Mela Music Academy serves as a perfect platform to apply the Suzuki violin learning methodology. 


  • A complete and positive growth curve


We offer ample opportunities for one to participate in events and occasions wherein our students perform with their violin, allowing them to learn and improve upon their skillset. 


Unmatched violin instruction and expertise

Why is Mela Music Academy the go-to destination for the best violin classes in Bangalore? 

At Mela Music Academy, we are committed to providing you with the most exceptional violin lessons in Bangalore. Here's why you should choose us:


✓ We are dedicated to helping you learn and master the violin


We understand the passion, skill, and endeavor required to turn you into an absolutely brilliant violinist, regardless of whether you're a beginner or a highly skilled amateur. We leave no stone unturned in teaching you every single technique right from the outset and help you make significant improvements each day. 


✓ We provide you with an excellent platform to grow


Mela Music Academy is an established music school that has helped countless budding, as well as amateur musicians, achieve the skills needed to become a master in their musical niche. With us, you can rest assured that you will not be left in the dark and will be rife with various opportunities that ensure the growth of your skill as a violinist. 


✓ You do not need any special talent. We will build it for you


At Mela Music Academy, we firmly believe that music transcends all borders and anyone can play the instrument of their choice. We offer violin lessons that can be learned by literally anyone. If you have a dream of playing the violin, we will turn it into a reality through our violin course for beginners. 


✓ A well-organized & dynamic learning structure


We offer both local and online lessons, complemented with a clear-cut program structure that helps you learn your musical instrument without any pressure. In fact, our learning environment helps you enjoy the process right from the beginning. So start your violin lessons with Mela Music Academy anytime and anywhere!


✓ Certifications that upscale your skill and future


We help you train for premier global music qualifications such as Trinity College London, ABRSM, and London College of Music. You will be able to go through your journey of application, training, and examination with Mela Music Academy. 


The future of the violin in India


The violin has established quite a reputation for itself in Indian music. Ideal both as a solo instrument and even in groups, the violin is gathering steam in our country's vast and magical musical vistas. 


Being close to the natural human voice, this breathtaking instrument blends with other instruments seamlessly and is ideal for any musical occasion. Fortunately, the essence of the violin is slowly but surely being recognized among both budding and professional musicians in India. 


The young generation is taking a fancy to the violin. With the best online violin classes experiencing a surge in cities like Bangalore, the future looks to be in good harmony with the unmatched tones of the violin. 


Mela Music Academy is a testament to the growing prevalence of the violin in Bangalore. So get in touch with us today to start your journey of mastering the violin with the best violin classes in Bangalore

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