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Learn Playing Keyboard- Things You Need To Know For Beginners in 2023

Are you on an incessant hunt to learn to play the Keyboard or piano? Or is it for your daughter or son? Whatever your situation might be, we have got you covered. Mela Music offers interactive course content to learn playing Keyboard online/offline. Besides, you can enroll your kids or yourself because Mela Music specializes in formulating the course curriculum for every age group, which is fun right? 


So have you asked yourself why you want to play the Keyboard? Is it a childhood dream or some passionate ambition that needs a professional push? Or do you aim to watch your kid play at recitals? 


Here are some notable advantages for you to learn playing the Keyboard.


5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Playing Keyboard

Improves Your Brain Function

Well, per science and numerous experiments, it has been found that humans, in their childhood and adolescence, undergo a neural progression which is termed Myelination. In this process, the nerves add layers of insulation which aids in faster transmission of signals through the neural system. Playing the keyboard/piano plays a significant part in this process of Myelination. The method of playing piano helps the pianist think much better than before.

Upgrades Your Memory

If you want to push your sense of memory a bit further, then learn playing the keyboard/piano. Several types of research were undertaken on learning and playing piano, proving that playing the piano enhances older adults' memory. This is superb not only at a personal level but also for professional life. Just six months of rigorous practice sessions will prove this to you. 

Enhance Your Concentration Power

When you play the Keyboard, you inadvertently multitask. How? Simultaneously you balance your rhythms, pitch, tempo, volume, melody, and harmony. If you want your kid to have changed and intensified concentration on their tasks, enrolling to learn playing Keyboard will help the child. Additionally, if you want to improve your academic and professional life, ensure that you enroll in online keyboard lessons soon.

Eliminate The Negative Energy

Playing the Keyboard helps you get rid of all the negativity. Playing piano and Keyboard is a type of music therapy that boosts positive energy, eliminating the stress the frustration humans generally experience daily. Therefore remember, when you play the Keyboard, you are helping yourself improve your emotional situation. 

Know Your Inner Artist 

You might be a data analyst at work. However, there might be a hidden pianist who wants to feel liberated. So, without any further delay, let yourself loose with online keyboard sessions from Mela music. The interactive class on Keyboard and piano will bring out the hidden talent. If you feel confident, the instructors here will help you have a personalized performance session with an enthusiastic audience looking forward to hearing from you. Isn't that amazing? However, whenever you feel ready, no rush for that matter.


Would you like to learn simple songs to make an impression?


4 Easy Songs To Learn Playing on Keyboard 

Twinkle Twinkle

Steps to play the song-

  • Play CC GG AA G; for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  • Now, begin by locating D, E, and F. And play FF EE DD C; How I Wonder What You Are.

  • Play GG FF EE D; for Up Above The World So High.

  • Repeat GG FF EE D; for Like A Diamond In The Sky.

  • Play CC GG AA G again for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  • Finish the song on FF EE DD C; How I Wonder What You Are. 

Happy Birthday

Steps to play the song:

  • Press on CC DC FE; for Happy Birthday To You. 

  • Press CC DC GF; for the 2nd Happy Birthday To You.

  • Press CC AG AD; for Happy Birthday Dear (you person's name).

  • Lastly, press A# A# AF GF; for your last Happy Birthday.

Jingle Bells

Steps to play the song:

  • EEE EEE; for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

  • EG C DE; for Jingle all the way

  • FFF FF EE; for Oh, what fun it is to ride

  • EE DD ED G; for a one-horse open sleigh. Hey!

  • Repeat->

  • EEE EEE; for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

  • EG C DE; for Jingle all the way

Fur Elise

Steps to play the song:

  • PressED#ED#EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, EABC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, EG#BA


  • Press ED#ED#EEDCA

  • Press CEAB, EG#BC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBDCA


Are you confused about online keyboard lessons?


Why Should You Enroll To Learn Playing Keyboard Online?

Convenient timing

When you plan to enroll in Mela music school to learn playing Keyboard, the online mode lets the interested candidate fix their class hours based on their convenience. Your kid might have a schedule, so no rush; you pick up the time, and we follow. 

Now, if you are a college goer or working professional, find a free hour and get ready for the online piano/ keyboard lesson at your home. 

No distraction

When opting for the online mode, there is no scope for getting distracted. You can stay all focussed on the curriculum and stay committed. This ensures that you enjoy our piano lessons thoroughly.  

No peer pressure 

Suppose you do not like working at a competitive level with classmates. In that case, the online mode is undoubtedly where you must enroll. Your instructor will pay you keen attention, and there will be no performance pressure. You will be free to learn the music lesson at your pace, undergoing no rush from external affairs.  

The proper balance between passion and profession

When you take online keyboard lessons, you have a precise balance between your professional life and passion. You have the opportunity to balance both lifestyles adequately, which certainly helps you earn profitability while following your passion. 

Get trained under the best

You will learn every nook and corner of music when you get trained under the best professionals in the music industry. Everything is essential for becoming a pianist, from the fundamentals to the intricate chapters of the Keyboard. Besides, the skilled instructors from our institute also prepare you for the notable credentials which offer you the mighty chance of grabbing foreign musical opportunities as well. So why not?


In Conclusion, 

You better book a trial session at Mela music today and get informed on everything about how to learn playing Keyboard right away. You can swirl your eyes at the other interactive courses planned and provided by us. Find out what's waiting for you at Mela today!

Unlock the ivory keys to musical excellence! Our piano classes offer tailored lessons to beginners and pros alike. Learn the piano from the ground up or refine your skills with our expert instructors. Start your musical journey today!
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