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A peek into the world of Mela Music School

We’re proud of the reputation that Mela Music School has gained throughout the years - for a place where students and instructors alike can thrive and make the most of their talents. Every year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate students from around the world. MELA is an ideal Music School for students who are passionate about music. Our popular music classes include online piano classes, online keyboard classes, carnatic music and online singing classes.

Come and take a small peek into the world of Mela Music School with some of pictures taken at events held over the years at Mela and at other external venues.

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Making online music classes fun.

Our goal at Mela Music School is to spread the joy of music worldwide and to make learning music online convenient, easy, and fun. So, whether you are a beginner who is just learning to play guitar or looking for a vocal coach, we offer an opportunity to you to achieve excellence in skill to perform and music.

When you enrol for a course at our music academy, we communicate what you can accomplish on successful completion of the course. All our music courses are supplemented by great learning materials and tools for practice, to help you achieve just that. Each music class is taught to you by expert teachers via live online classes.

We also offer regular performance opportunities. This is extremely effective as a learning tool as it not only helps you learn from your teacher but also from fellow students across the globe. You will also be able to gauge how you stand with respect to other students taking the same course when you participate in our music recitals and performances. Come on in, learn to play the guitar if that's your jam!

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Did you know?

An earworm, also sometimes called "a brainworm," "sticky music," or "stuck song syndrome," refers to catchy music that continually repeats through a person's mind, even after it's no longer playing. There have actually been studies done on earworms, including one out of the University of London, which found that earworms could also be triggered by experiences that bring up a memory of a song, such as seeing a word that reminds you of the song, hearing a few notes from the song, or feeling an emotion which you associate with the song. 

Looking to start your music lessons?

mela music school offers music classes online we are the best music school online and best music school for kids and for singing
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