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What Is the Best Age to Learn to Sing?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Best Age to Learn to Sing
Best Age to Learn to Sing

Everyone would love to learn singing, regardless of their age, or whether they’ve had any formal music education. But do you know what is the best age to start taking singing classes for your child? To start singing classes as a child or at a younger age, does require dedication and some amount of focus.

Children who want to learn singing, should be socially mature enough to focus in their music classroom and follow the coaching of their vocal coach. Children between the ages of 6-9 are generally ready for singing classes and would benefit from music instruction where they learn singing.

Our human voice continues to mature throughout our life span and changes as we grow older, so students of any age can benefit from singing classes where they learn to develop and train their vocal range.

Learning to sing does not depend on any fine motor skills. There is no coordination involved with other instruments initially as you learn singing. The best age to start singing classes varies from student to student as per their social maturity. However, to learn singing you must remember that as with any new skill, it requires regular practice and focus.

Typically, children are ready to learn singing between the ages of 6 and 8. It is at this time, that in school, children are also taught how to read and write. So, when they start to learn singing at this age, it has an added benefit of learning to read faster as they keep up with the time of the song that they are learning to sing. It is also beneficial that they learn the songs that they love in their singing classes, to further increase their passion for singing.

How do you know if your child is ready for singing classes?

There are several factors that can help you understand whether your child is ready to start singing classes. As a thumb rule, if your child is mature enough to take direction and practise what they have learned in their singing class, they are ready to start singing classes.

Typically, the best age to start with voice lessons is from 6 to 8 years. At this age, it is easy to pick up on new techniques faster and have fun during the learning process too. If your child is passionate about learning to sing and can sit in a class for 30 minutes, learning something they learn, your child will greatly benefit from singing classes and acquire a life long skill with many benefits.

For children the learning environment allows for more flexibility. And because children learn fast and have more time to learn new things, they will be able to achieve higher levels of productivity and become better singers as their singing classes continue.

5 signs your child is ready for singing classes

Outside of the basic requirements, there are some signs that your child is ready to take up singing classes and is ready to learn singing.

1) Motivation: Your child is passionate and wants to learn singing. Children who are passionate about something, do progress at a much faster rate and are better at learning an instrument or learning to sing. If your child enjoys music or sings along to their faveourie songs on YouTube, this is a good sign that they are ready for formal music education and singing classes.

2) Focus: Your child can be able to focus for 30 minutes. Regular practice is the key when it comes to acquiring any new skill. If your child can focus on a task for 30 minutes, they should be able to maintain a practice schedule and be able to handle taking singing classes.

3) Practise time: Your child should have time to practise what is taught in their singing class. In addition to singing classes, students need to practise time throughout the week to learn to sing. Singing is a skill that takes dedication. You may need to help manage practice at home, especially at first, when your child has just begun their singing classes.

4) Responsibility: Your child is mature enough to be responsible for their practice lessons at home. If your child can follow directions and understands what is being taught in class, they will be better at following their vocal coach’s instructions. More mature students can also self-manage their practice time, especially when they love the subject they are being taught.

Taking singing classes at a young age does have more benefits than doing so as you grow older. The issue is not that you will not be able to sing as an adult, but rather that as adults, we tend to stick to certain techniques that we are used to and that are difficult to change.

For children, learning new ways to do something is not as difficult as it is for adults. If you have the perseverance and perseverance to push through, you can start taking singing lessons at any age.

Benefits of taking singing classes for Everyone at any age.

While it is true that singing lessons are best when started at a younger age, you should not give lose heart! No matter what your age, all that is required is the passion and motivation to learn a new skill like singing.

There are plenty of benefits for everyone in taking singing classes. Singing classes will do more than just help you become a better singer. You will also gain other benefits like improvement in diction, posture and other soft skills that you may not be aware of.

Singing is a way to express yourself, and that is a benefit that has a lot of positive impact.

Other benefits include

  • Posture

You’d be surprised how closely linked your posture is with being a good singer. With singing lessons, you’ll see an improvement in your posture as well as your vocal range. You will find yourself sitting straight even through those long zoom meetings. For small children, this can be extremely beneficial as a healthy habit to pick up!

  • Confidence

When you learn to sing, you will undoubtedly share it with an audience of close friends and family. This will help you build confidence in other areas of life as well. For younger kids, this confidence translates into being able to speak in public, something they may become much better at via singing classes.

  • Stress and Mental Alertness

For any singer, controlling their breathing is extremely important. These breathing exercises help you become a better singer, improving your range and picth. At Mela Music School, our instructors use different breathing exercises to help improve your singing skills. Controlling your breathing also helps you manage stress. This will translate into you being more mentally alert and you will also see an improvement in your mood. This calm mental state will help you in your physical and emotional well being as well.

All these benefits apply to everyone who chooses to start singing classes. But these will have a stronger impact on kids, because it will help them with their schoolwork, physical health and even improve their interpersonal communication skills.

It’s never too late to start singing!

At MELA MUSIC SCHOOL, our trained vocal coaches teach students all aspects of singing from songs they love to how to perform in front of an audience. Ready to start? Sign up for a singing lesson now.

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