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Types of Courses A Candidate Can Take In Music

Updated: Jul 15, 2022


Though music is an art it is essential for you to learn and internalize it through a proper tutor.

A structured course will not only guide you through the process but also gives you the space to interact with fellow music learners, and contact amazing music teachers who can shape your music journey into a successful one.

Are you extremely busy and your schedule can’t fit in traveling back and forth to a music academy?

Well, you always got online music courses. You can allocate time and learn your choice of an instrument at leisure.

In this blog, you’ll be coming across a few types of courses a candidate can take in the music.

Let’s jump right in!

A short success story of Maggie Rogers who chose music as her career:

Maggie Rogers is an American songwriter and record producer. But before becoming famous she was, was a music engineering and production student at New York University (NYU).

Her song video which she wrote for her final year thesis - Alaska caught the eyes of Pharrell Williams (American rapper and music producer) and got viral on YouTube which opened her doors in the American Music Industry.

Being fascinated by music is one thing. Finding the determination to follow your music dream, not just requires talent but also some research and channelizing.

These 5 fields of music study will help you understand where to go to get into the picture!

5 Types of courses a candidate can take in music:

These are the 5 courses (field of study) a candidate can think about while pursuing a career in music.

Not only they are promising but also give to a chance to network with like-minded people who are as excited as you are about making great music.

  1. Music Therapy:

Let’s start with something more soothing, shall we? Musical therapy. I don’t know how many of you believe but - “Good music changes your mood, and Great music changes your life.”

It really does my friends, music therapy is included in health and psychological care. Music has been used as a tool to make breakthroughs in healing people.

Music is used as a clinical intervention for people who are traumatized and have psychological disorders.

Haven’t we heard? When you play music to your plants, they grow faster and longer, and the leaves are much greener than just watering your plants!

This is exactly it!

  • Music Education:

Want to impart your music knowledge to willing and budding students? Music education can be your go-to course.

Music education is the study of music learning methodologies, understanding the music theory, and the pedagogy of music.

You love music, so why not inspire your students to love music as much as you love it?

You can also take up online music theory lessons to support your theories.

  • Music technology:

Music technology is a cumulation of a wide range of courses such as sound engineering, music production, electro-acoustics, film and gaming music, digital sound-producing, sound artist, and more.

This course includes not just music but also understanding the sound systems from vintage to cutting-edge technology sound systems.

Taking up music technology and pairing it up with the best online music production courses will make you a core specialist in the field of music production.

  • Music Production:

To begin your music career, it’s important to engage with the basics. The common advice given to people who choose music as their career is to start with a Bachelor of FineArts (BFA).

It’s an art-focused degree that will help you find your strengths and weaknesses in music. Your strong suit could be vocals or acoustics but you’ll only know if you try out everything.

Specialization can help you only when you are well aware of your musical peak.

Let’s get to know what a music producer is - It’s about recording, mixing, manipulating, and reproducing the sound that comes out of any instrument. Be it violin, guitar, or a singer!

Exciting, isn’t it?

To master the art of music production all you have to own is a good set of ears and high definition interest in music. (you get what I did there, right? 😉)

  • Musicology:

Are you interested both in history and in music? Want a find a way to combine both?

Well, Musicology will be your dream course. Here you get to learn about everything ancient to current stories of how, why, what, and who developed the music into what it is today.

And also, you get to know about music revolutions that happened all over the world. How amazing is that?

It’s a very heavy research-oriented course, therefore take it at your own pace. I’m sure your teachers and lecturers will advise you to do a Master’s and a Ph.D. on the same to get your career pathway moving upwards.

This could be a teaching-oriented career choice. So you’ll not only be teaching music but also its history and the talents that took music this far in this world!


These are some of the course types that you can consider when you are someone who not only loves music but also breathes the same.

To add to that you can also go for it and learn an instrument of your choice with Mela Music School to make your music journey more exciting and make your life brighter.

Remember. We all have to begin our musical story somewhere! Why not here? With us!

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