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At Mela Music School, students grow from loving music to understanding, appreciating as well as creating music.


Students understand musical elements – melody, rhythm, beat, pitch, and more. And they learn how to use these musical elements by creating and performing songs. Our music classes teach the basic concepts of music in a fun, appealing way. Students develop vital life skills: confidence, participation, collaboration. They grow the ability to work toward a goal – as an individual and as part of a group with our regular music recitals.

From classes for acing instruments such as guitar to Hindustani and Carnatic music, Indian singing, there’s so much for the musically inclined to explore with Mela.

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  • Classical Guitar | Bass Guitar | Acoustic Guitar | Electric Guitar


  • Grand Piano Style | Synthesizer | Keyboard

  • Pop & Rock | Jazz | Blues | Funk | Soul | Latin

  • Learn to play western classical style violin with the Suzuki method

  • Pop & Rock | Jazz | Blues

  • Tyagaraja Kritis | Annamaya Kritis | Dasa Sahitya

  • Rabindra Sangeet | Dhurapad Khayal | Tarana

  • Sight Reading | Harmony | Song Writing | Music Composition

  • Tabla Compositions | Rhythm | Technique

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Music can add to the feelings and emotions we encounter on a daily basis.  It is there for us to tap into to make us happy, to push us and inspire us.  To help us experience deeper feelings that we may not even be comfortable with.  We all have that song that makes us feel like we are going to cry.  You either embrace it or run and turn it off - if you turned it off, next time embrace it and let yourself feel something.  Don’t be afraid to feel. 

Learning and playing music should be the same experience.  Start your music lessons today. Challenge yourself to play more difficult parts but don’t forget to simply PLAY MUSIC

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