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The First Four Music Lessons for Beginners

Music Lessons for Beginners
Music Lessons for Beginners


Being a beginner with music can be stressful. As a teacher (of any instrument) it is important to establish a good rapport with the students.

You have been aware about the difficulties of being a beginner and respect the learning pace of each student.

And for parents who want their child to take up any instrument, it is essential for them to be more patient and participative with the child’s journey towards learning music.

Here, in this blog, we’ll be seeing about the first four beginners' music lessons to make them feel more confident about taking up an instrument to learn.

Musical journey of a beginner:

It’s highly scary and nervous to be a newbie at anything, but with utmost patience, clarity, and a kind teacher anything is possible.

Being thorough with teaching music is as important as being tolerant to beginners in the music world.

It’s a journey for each and every student. Now being a teacher you’ll have to relive your student days and come up with what you could do better for your students.

The first four lessons that any music teacher must teach to their students are what we have discussed in elaborate in this article.

Let’s dig in to know more about these value-based music lessons for beginners!

The first four music lessons for beginners:

A music teacher is obligated to know all these four music lessons for a beginner before starting to teach further to their students.

Let’s get to know these four exciting lessons and be aware of the needs of musical newbies.

#Lesson 1: Clear the expectations ground

Well, as a student in a new learning environment, it is known to have certain expectations of the teachers, the institution, the curriculum, and the fellow students.

As a music teacher, it’s not your job to jump right into teaching music but to establish certain expectations of the students on you and vice versa.

Be communicative. Introduce yourself to the students, ask them how they got interested in learning a particular instrument, and why choose your institution or music academy.

Communicating with the students is the first part, but being interactive with the parents is as vital as student-teacher interaction. The parents will be the driving force for the children to take up beginner music courses. So it is an essential part of acknowledging the efforts taken by the parents.

#Lesson 2: Teach and Reteach confidence

As a beginner in learning music, being a reassuring person is expected from the teacher.

It is important to encourage the students when they do something right, and you have an equal responsibility to correct them gently when they do something wrong.

Remind and recap them about the last session before teaching them the new part of the lesson. Help the students to take baby steps with their lesson plan. And also formulating a personalized curriculum after the trial period for each student will increase the number of positive outcomes.

#Lesson 3: Let them repertoire

The repertoire is nothing but a musician playing everything they know to other people. It’s quite exciting to see your student playing all tunes that they know and learning from you to their family and friends.

It not only boosts their confidence but also helps with stage fright which ultimately gives you more space to teach amazing tunes to your students in the days to come.

Your student need not be a full-fledged musician to show off his or her talent to their family and friends. All they have to do is find the courage to stand in front of the crowd to exhibit their talent.

#Lesson 4 - Crawling out of their shell

Being in their own comfort zone will kill the artiste in your students. As a music teacher, it is essential for you to help them step outside the boundaries of their curriculum. Go the extra mile to showcase their talent amongst their peers.

It’s not just the responsibility of the student to go the extra mile but also the teacher to find comfort with the new student.

It’s mutually great to have a breather, relax and enjoy being a new student’s music tutor. Practicing something old from the books and slowly reinventing the masterpiece is the joy of learning with a new student.

Both the teacher and the student encourage, inspire, and push each other to go beyond the book of music.


It needn't necessarily be about offline classes but the online music classes for beginners are also a nice start. Interacting with the students is the most fruitful part of being a music teacher.

Mela Music School not only holds a special place for students we also got amazing music staff to make your children’s musical dream come true.

We are a proud music academy with a deep sense of professionalism and enthusiasm to teach young musical minds.


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