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Piano Classes in Bangalore

Piano Classes in Bangalore
Piano Classes in Bangalore

Have you ever wondered how the piano melody came to be? So you'll know now!

During the 18th century, the piano was created. It can be heard in classical music, jazz, and other styles. This musical instrument was invented in Italy in the late 1700s.

Each of the piano's four keyboards contains 88 keys. There are black keys, white keys, and notes on the keyboard. Two pedals can be pressed at any time to make the sound louder or softer.

If your child enjoys music and wishes to learn to play the piano but lacks time to learn, you are in luck. With online piano lessons available, you can now learn piano online with the best online piano classes in Bangalore!

Why Trust Online Piano Classes in Bangalore?

The greatest benefit of learning piano lessons online is it allows aspiring musicians to set their own schedule and do whatever they want as long as it does not conflict with regular academic classes or work hours.

Step-by-Step Online Piano Lessons - From Beginner to Advanced

Do you think online piano lessons would be too difficult to catch up on? Don't worry because Mela Music School provides classes right from beginner to advanced level, curated to help kids learn step by step.

We agree that beginnings are intimidating. But we've also taken steps to make it better for you!

Mela Music School has teachers who will help you learn piano step by step and at your own pace. You don't have to compete with your friends or be concerned about forgetting a key. We guarantee that your overall learning experience will be fun and enjoyable!

Hear from our Students and their Parents

We know our words are not enough to put your trust in us. So, let us hear from our students and their parents about whether or not choosing Mela Music School was the best decision they've ever made.

Tanushree Pariyal, Melbourne, Australia

Learning online is making this accessible even to people overseas, like me. My faculty was very patient and is obviously very well-trained. I'm excited to restart my music education with MELA!

Santoshkumar Belchada, Bengaluru, India

The best music school!!! One-to-one attention from expert trainers. My kid loves coming to class and has learned a lot of skills in a short period of time with a systematic approach. Theory classes have helped him to understand the music sheets and other instruments as well. Mela rocks!!!

Kaavya Sukrutaraj, Saar, Bahrain

This is an amazing music school. I love it here. The school is awesome. The teachers are fun and interactive and the school is well organized

Vedika Nadig, Bengaluru, India

MELA is the best music school around and the faculty is very friendly and amazing ..... I am a student there myself. Please visit.

Pankaj Agrawal Mumbai, India

Mela music school has helped me reconnect with my passion for music. I look forward to my music lessons every week and absolutely love that Mela lets our music students perform online and offline as well!

Final Words

Mela Music School is your destination if you want the best online piano classes in Bangalore. Show up soon and let the musician in you rejoice. We'll be waiting for you!

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