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Online Piano Class- From ZERO to HERO with Piano & Keyboard You Need To Know For 2023

online piano class
online piano class

Enrolling in an online piano class for 2023 is fantastic because nothing can go bad when you choose music. And as for the Piano, this magical musical device has its distinctive charm, which has captivated the human race for centuries.

When picking your online piano class and getting trained under the best music teachers, getting accustomed to the keys, notes, posture, and everything fundamental to Piano will help you manage the first online piano class much more effortlessly. So why not take the opportunity of learning the basics from the experts down here?

Online Piano Class- What Are The Basics You Need To Begin Your Pianist Journey

Choose Your Device

When planning on taking an online piano class, understanding the variety of these key instruments is quite vital. Well, the difference in music produced by each variety is significant, which one must perceive. So, there are

  • Synthesizer

  • Keyboard

  • Grand piano style

Now ask yourself, which of these keyboard instruments drives your artistic side the most? Before enrolling in the online piano class from Mela Music Academy, come to an understanding.

How many keys are there?

For a full-sized piano, there are around 88 keys, where 7 are octaves, and there are three extra notes. If you plan to enjoy the notes while curating something special for your audience, you should blindly pick this variety. However, if you are limited in your budget and space, picking up the Piano, which comes with 76 keys, would be superb. Now, if you are more under a budget and space, you can get yourself the Piano with 61 keys.

Accessories to get equipped with

When planning to take an online piano class, having a neat idea of the choice of accessories is also essential. You need to have

  • Sustain pedal- These are foot-operated levers built to impact sound produced by the Piano in several ways. A digital and acoustic piano comes with an inbuilt pedal. However, when you are administering an electronic piano, it needs a pedal. Getting a cheap version of a sustain pedal is a good idea if you are under a budget.

  • A keyboard stand-Once again, a digital piano and an acoustic piano come with a casing to raise. It is advisable to maintain the stand. First, understand the height and measurement requirements. Then choose a sturdy structure that prevents distractions from rocking back and forth.

  • Bench/stool- Ensure that you equip your Piano set with a bench and stool to enjoy playing music in the most comfortable way possible. You need to make playing music a cozy yet sincere affair to produce the most beautiful music you can.

  • Metronome-A metronome is an optional accessory that helps the player keep a note of the time with the tempo. The device gives a clicking sound that lets the player understand the pace. It is a genuine optional instrument. It helps the beginner stay tuned with the pace.

Buyers Guide

So, here are some questions you need to ask before starting your online piano lessons.

  • What are your expectations towards the sound, feel, and dynamic range?

  • What is your budget?

  • Do you wish to learn other musical instruments in the future?

  • What is the measurement of your space?

  • Will you be playing your instrument in your space or somewhere else?

  • What time of the day is most suitable for playing the instrument?

  • What is your monthly budget for maintaining the instrument?

Online Piano Class At Mela Music School

The students are offered one hour of weekly sessions of online piano lessons. It will be a live one-on-one session, so feel free to expand your horizon beyond your limits.

Remember to take up the course on Music Theory. You will be taught-

  • Music Theory Fundamentals

  • Intro to Western Classical Music

  • Melodic Forms & Simple Harmony

  • The Blues: An American Art Form

  • Ear Training & Sight Reading

  • The Art of Musical Improvisation

  • Music Composition & Arrangement

  • Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

  • Rhythm Section Pop Rock, Funk, Jazz

This will ensure that you finish your online piano lessons proficiently.

Also, remember to learn the concept by Ear. You must make sure you perceive every note intricately to create something magical and beautiful without writing the notes down in the sheet music. Yes, you have to gain such a level of dexterity in this musical domain.

Other Musical Courses Taught Here At Mela Music Academy

Apart from online piano lessons, the student can learn

  • Guitar(Acoustic Guitar Classes | Bass Guitar Classes |Classical Guitar Classes | Electric Guitar Classes),

  • Drum(Soul|Funk|RnB| Pop & Rock | Latin),

  • Vocal lessons(Western Vocal Classes | Carnatic Vocal Classes | Hindustani Vocal Classes)

  • Other Keys Classes(Synthesizer & Keyboard Classes)

Besides, the educators from Mela Music school help you take your personalized pace and not rush with the course structure. There is

  • Beginner,

  • Intermediate, and

  • Advanced level.

Your mentor will determine your standard of musical knowledge before curating any tailormade course content. So, end your query on 'piano classes online ' and enroll at the best music academy today.

Mela Music academy helps you get educated on music to advance for

  • ABRSM Training

  • Trinity Grades Training,

  • LCM Training.

So, why not learn from the best in the music industry at your time from the comfort of your home?

In Conclusion,

If you are passionate about studying online Piano classes, then without wasting a second, you better call Mela Music academy to book a Trial session. Hurry Up for the seats in Mela Music school often runs 'out of the seat.' So, better call up Right Now!!

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