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Online Carnatic Music Lessons for Beginners Course and Certifications 2023

Carnatic Music holds a notable portion of the vocal class curriculum, which amazes many music lovers. The intricate tunes of Carnatic Music have a pleasant vibe that can make you fall in love with the notion. And if you are already a die-hard fan of Carnatic Music and have a passion for this musical course, you need to enroll in our online Carnatic music classes for beginners right now.

Our music academy floors all the latest implementations in the musical industry, which you might need to be made aware of. From online Carnatic music classes for beginners to Hindustani vocal classes and even special musical instruments are taught by our musical experts here. You can grab the online course to make it convenient and accessible.

Let us now read some more about this musical subject.

What is Carnatic Music?

Carnatic Music is Indian classical Music with ancestry going back to the 13th C(around 12thC-14thC). It is pretty apparent by its name(also known as Karnataka Sangitam) that Carnatic Music was born in the southern part of the country, which is expanding its base remarkably in the contemporary era as well.

The lyrics of Carnatic Music are devotional(originated in the Bhakti Movement), and almost all the compositions are prepared to address the divine. Unlike Hindustani Music, Carnatic Music is left untouched, and it experienced developments on the original compositions exceptionally.

Purana Das is the father of Carnatic Music. He prepared the foundation of Carnatic Music, which is still considered by the instructor to educate the enthusiastic student enrolled in the course content.

The songs were developed in Sanskrit following a Vedic tradition which sounds very interesting because of its systemic arrangements. The Lyrical experience exhibits its imaginative and creative opulence.

Of course, it will be difficult; you might even find it challenging in your beginner-friendly first class. But not giving up is what we encourage at Mela. But don't worry; our motivating lessons will ensure you improve with practice, diligence, and consistency.

Online Carnatic Music Classes for Beginners- The Fundamentals Of The Lessons


It is a collection of pitches(similar to the scale in Western classical). You can also refer to it as a melodic framework considered for improvisation and compositions. There are two main and basic elements for a raga; the Aarohanam (the ascending notes of the raga on the scale) and the Avarohanam (the descending notes of the raga on the scale).

In Carnatic Music, there is 72 Melakarta raga that is placed in the cycle called Katapayadi sutra. It is named as it is because the musician can get the ragas with its exact Swara combination.

The first 36 Melakarta ragas have Suddha Madhyam, and the next 36 have Prati Mdhayama. Feeling intimated? Don't step back with your Online Carnatic Music Classes for Beginners. Our teacher will make it intensely interesting, which you will thoroughly enjoy for sure.


Talam is Taal or Rhythm. To make it more simple, Tala is meter to Poetry. It regulates the compositions. The musician claps to understand the rhythm factor of the compositions. So there 7 talas in Carnatic Music-

  • Dhruva Talam.

  • Matya Talam.

  • Rupaka Talam.

  • Jhampa Talam.

  • Thriputa Talam ( Chathurushra Thriputa Talam is also called as Adhi Talam)

  • Ata Talam.

  • Eka Talam.

Out of which Sankeerna Jaati Dhruva talam with 29 kriyas, is the longest.

So, how are you going to grab the art of practicing Taala?

  1. Study and learn the rhythms while enjoying your favorite Carnatic Music.

  2. It will generously help you if you clap with the proceeding beats.

  3. The tool Mertronome will help to grasp the concept of Tala much before time.

  4. Continue to practice to perfect the art with precision.


Swara is the note in the octave. These are the seven primary notes on the scales in Indian Music-

  1. Shadja,

  2. Rishabh,

  3. Gandhara,

  4. Madhyam,

  5. Pancham,

  6. Dhaivat and

  7. Nishad

The musician applies the same in the Indian classical songs while chanting and signing.

See, combining different Swaras, the musician frames different Ragas.

What Will You Be Taught In The First Online Carnatic Music Classes for Beginners?

The first class focuses on teaching Sruti. It is an integral part of Carnatic Music, similarly considered the 'Key' in Western Classical Music. Srurt is also the Soul of Carnatic Music. The instructor will make you practice Saralivarisai to develop a stronghold in both Swara and Sruti.

The teacher will also give a vivid idea of Kriti. This will help the enthusiastic students to get along with the Swara and Ragas. Kriti has-

  1. Pallavi,

  2. Anupallavi,

  3. and Charanam

These are sung in different orders.

Pallavi and Anupplavi are the primary two lines in the compositions. But the Charanam has more lines and put stress on some specific part of the songs, particularly on Raga and Tala.

The next lesson will focus on the Jantavarisai. The educators teach this exercise to ensure students develop expertise in the Sruti while handling Swara correctly.

The next class will be on Swarajathi. Here the students will be taught the entire combination of Swara and songs.

The instructors will pay intense attention to making the students diligently learn the course's nitty-gritty.

You Need To Practice For Online Carnatic Music Classes for Beginners Because-

  • To set your voice in the correct range.

  • Have a good grip on the tempo when practicing at various speeds.

  • With regular practice sessions, it will help you transverse Swara through the Octaves with ease.

  • To develop the ability to sustain on a single Swara for a longer duration without feeling exhausted.

In Conclusion

So this is the fundamentals of Online Carnatic Music Classes for Beginners by Mela. Sure, there is everything to know in this area, which you will get an idea on your first lesson. Still skeptical? Why not book your Free Trail Session right now? We are here to solve all your questions on Online Carnatic Music Classes for Beginners patiently and delightfully. Hurry up before the seats run out. Have a great day!


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