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Learning Keyboard Online for Beginners: The Things to know

Online keyboard classes for beginners
Online keyboard classes for beginners

If you're reading this, you're probably thinking about moving on from those YouTube keyboard lessons to something with more personalized instruction. Maybe you want something more structured, or perhaps you just want to move forward.

Luckily, Mela Music School offers online keyboard classes for beginners that pair students with an experienced instructor in a live 1:1 setting. Below, we'll simplify your search and point you in the right direction.

Why Go Online?

Online keyboard classes for beginners can benefit in many ways. Let's discuss why.

Learn on your own instrument

Music is not objective, and everyone learns and reacts differently to it. You may be comfortable on your own keyboard rather than your instructor's keyboard. Learning about your instrument at home not only familiarizes you with it but also gives you a sense of control over your learning process and boosts your confidence.

Save both time and money.

One of the greatest benefits of online keyboard classes for beginners is the money you save. Saving money on transportation to and from your instructor's place, as well as repurposing the time spent traveling for practice, benefits you in many ways. Also, online keyboard lessons are more affordable because there are no rent or overhead costs.

Range of tutors available

Choosing an in-person instructor can be difficult. Consider this: you live in a rural area, but the best keyboard tutor in your area holds lessons in the city. Would you spend time and money to get to them, or would you save your money and go to a less-talented tutor nearby? You don't have to make a decision with online classes. Instead, you'll have access to expert tutors from all over the world for reasonable fees, including international ones.

Opportunities for everyone

Online keyboard classes for beginners can be taken from anywhere in the world and provide access to those who may be unable to attend a physical location for different reasons. For anxious children, both the benefits of learning privately and immersing themselves in music can be valuable therapy.

What You'll Learn

While each online course will offer a unique perspective, the fundamentals are pretty universal. Let's take a look at a few.


You'll start by learning to read the notes on your keyboard, i.e., the left-hand or bass notes and the right-hand or treble notes. Learning these notes is important because they are the building blocks for learning to play your favorite pieces.


You'll learn the structure of keyboard chords and how to play them on your own as you progress through your online keyboard classes for beginners. Next, you'll learn chords, not just chord symbols, but chords with notes as well. You'll learn their inner workings - intervals, inversions, triads, exercises, and more.

Finger Numbering

Next, you'll be shown how to number your fingers according to the keys. Setting up specific fingers to play specific notes is important.

Hand Positioning

Hand positioning is important to make sure you don't strain your fingers, wrists, or back. Most online keyboard classes for beginners will show you how to position yourself properly before you start learning how to avoid these problems in the future.


You'll also learn a wide range of scales. Understanding scales and finger patterns will help you navigate the keys more quickly. Scales can be boring for some students, but online keyboard classes for beginners can make them enjoyable while also teaching you the tricks of the trade.


Most online keyboard classes for beginners will encourage regular practice. You'll most likely be given session recordings to watch and learn from. You can learn where you're falling short and track your progress, sometimes in real-time.


Learning the rhythm of a musical piece is what makes it sound melodious. Half of your lessons in online music classes for beginners are learning notes, while the other half is mainly rhythm. We recommend taking a course that focuses on teaching rhythm.

Music Theory

Putting your fingers on the keys isn't the only way to learn to play the keyboard. You must also train your mind to read music sheets, which are a universal language that every instrument player must understand. Reading music is especially important for keyboard players who want to know the rhythm and pedals when playing prominent pieces.

Final Words

You can enjoy the benefits of learning music if you decide to do so. Music improves concentration, memory, and language skills. Mela Music School can help you enrich your musical journey. We provide online keyboard classes for beginners to help children and adults discover their musical passion. Our research-based curriculum offers a personalized learning experience with 1:1 attention, fun projects, and live performance, boosting your confidence, creativity, and technical skills.


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