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Keyboard Classes Near Me: Top 5 Ways To Learn Keyboard Notes

Are you planning to enroll in a keyboard class very soon? Well, you better stop your search for 'keyboard classes near me' right now since you are standing in the right place. You read this right; Mela Music School Bangalore is here to make your musical dream and journey bloom in no TIME.

Why Should You Choose a Keyboard As Your Musical Instrument?

Having confusion about the choice of musical instrument? Well, on that note, Mela Music offers diligent students with-

  • Guitar(Acoustic Guitar Classes | Bass Guitar Classes |Classical Guitar Classes | Electric Guitar Classes).

  • Keyboard(Grand Piano Style Classes | Synthesizer & Keyboard Classes).

  • Drums(Soul|Funk|RnB| Pop & Rock | Latin).

Since we are in the keyboard department, let us clear the confusion and simplify it for you.

You should choose the keyboard because-

  • Playing and listening to music on the keyboard lets you relax.

  • Boost confidence which will help you personally and professionally.

  • Playing music enhances your memory.

  • Further, it lets you sharpen your preciseness and perfection.

The art of music is an ethereal subject that must be touched with care and dedication. Therefore when searching on 'keyboard classes near me', you better have a quick look at the essential nook and corners of playing the notes on your new musical instrument. It makes your first classes contended and easy to grab.

So, what else on 'keyboard classes near me'?

Let us learn the five simple ways to learn keyboard notes for now.

Keyboard Classes Near Me- 5 Best Ways To Learn Keyboard Notes in 2023

1-Learn the NOTES

What are notes in the musical realm? Learning music begins with studying notes. The note represents musical sound exhibiting pitch and duration. So there are 12 notes, including 7 Musical notes and 5 Sharp notes.

The 7 musical notes are- C D E F G A B(The white keys).

The 5 Sharp notes are- C#/ D# F# G# A#(the sequential black keys).

These 12 notes come with varied frequencies and pitches.

Now, you have to find the Middle C. C is placed at the left of the two consequent Black Keys. To make it a bit easier, you will find F placed at the left of the three consecutive Black keys.

Once you have located C, play—

C D E F G A B- These are all the white keys placed side by side.

Now, what about Sa Re Ga Ma Pa….

Learn your Sa Re Ga Ma Pa before hopping over' keyboard classes near me' right now-

C# Sa

D# Re

F Ga

F# Ma

G# Pa

A# Dha

C Ni

C# Sa

Hope this manual helps you with your 'keyboard classes near me' endeavor and your first class, of course, delivered by us.

2-Learn 3 Simple keyboard notes for you to practice

Now that you know your notes and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… why not learn some simple keyboard playlists now. So here we have-

Happy Birthday

Don't you want to play this happy song to wish your loved ones on their birthdays? Enough playing the melody on your mobile devices. It's time you learn the delightful tune in our keyboard to make it memorable this year.

Steps to play the song:

  • Press on CC DC FE; for Happy Birthday To You.

  • Press CC DC GF; for the 2nd Happy Birthday To You.

  • Press CC AG AD; for Happy Birthday Dear (you person's name).

  • Lastly, press A# A# AF GF; for your last Happy Birthday.

Jingle Bells

Nothing can beat the magic of this festive song, right? Especially if you had your childhood in a missionary school. Learn to play the music and see how nostalgic you get with its successful completion.

Steps to play the song:

  • EEE EEE; for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.

  • EG C DE; for Jingle all the way.

  • FFF FF EE; for Oh, what fun it is to ride.

  • EE DD ED G; for a one-horse open sleigh. Hey!

  • Repeat->

  • EEE EEE; for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.

  • EG C DE; for Jingle all the way.

Fur Elise

Well, you have heard this melody many times by now, but this is finally when you play this beautiful song with your fingers.

Steps to play the song:

  • Press ED#ED# EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, EG#BC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, ECBA


  • Press ED#ED#EEDCA

  • Press CEAB, EG#BC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBDCA

3-Finger Placements

Schooling yourself with the finger position on the keyboard is pretty significant. Therefore begin with your right hand. Even though you are lefty, beginning your keyboard lessons with your right hand is what you should do. You have to segregate the keys on your keyboard into two sections.

With your right hand, you will be playing the Scales(the major & minor scales). While with the left hand, you will be playing the Chords.

Ensure that your fingers are relaxed and in a neutral cup position. Practice playing the OCTAVE.

What is an OCTAVE?

OCTAVE is playing seven notes while repeating the first one. So, play-


This is an OCTAVE.

Ensure that you practice your OCTAVE with a relaxed wrist.

4-Learn To Play By Ear

One thing that remains critically important is that you must practice playing by your ear from your initial days. Yes, it would be difficult. However, a musician must feel the music after studying the notes precisely.

You know how to play Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… by now. So, learn to play the OCTAVEs back and forth.

This will be enough for you to begin your learn-by-ear session, trust us. Before advancing with the Chords and Scales, getting these fundamentals by heart is what ensures your first class ends on a fantastic note.

5-What is Rhythm?

As a would-be musician grasping the concept of Rhythm is essential. Without Rhythm, all that is discussed here would be pointless, and you would be standing at the pavilion once again. To understand the concept of Rhythm, better have clarity on Metronome.

So Metronome is an instrument that offers audible, rhythmic ticks following an interval to let the amateur musician learn the concept of rhythms with precision. It comes in several keyboards. You can also invest in this aiding tool separately.

The best thing about playing with Metronome is that you set your rhythms according to the speed you are currently processing while playing your instrument.

While Wrapping Up

So these are the basics on keyboards before you begin your first class with us. See, when you start searching for 'Keyboard classes near me,' you will come across many topics that might put you into a whirlwind of confusion. Keep those aside, and simply follow our steps. Mela Music will make you stop searching for 'Keyboard classes near me' today and help you find the best teacher for your online/offline keyboard classes. To learn everything in detail, Book Our Free Trail Session right now!!

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