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Avoid The Top 6 Online Music Course Mistakes

online music courses
online music courses

So you've decided to create online music courses, or perhaps you already have one but aren't getting the sign-ups or engagement you want. How do you deal with such pitfalls and avoid making mistakes? This article will discuss the most common online music course mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Creating content rather than results for online music courses

You can easily fall into this trap. You know your stuff and have put in a lot of effort to get where you are. You make a list of what you know and divide it into modules. Now you need to make some videos and handouts, and you're ready to go, right? This could be your first blunder. People don't buy music courses online to learn what you know; they buy to see the results you've gotten (or have achieved with others). It's the difference between providing a list of ingredients or a full recipe. Knowing what you know may not be enough to create what they want. It is also important for them to know how to use that information to achieve their goals.

music courses online
music courses online

2. online music courses - No clear pathway

This follows point 1. Imagine you downloaded a course, and all the instructions were there, but you didn't know what order they came in. People need direction. If they buy music courses online, they want to know the steps they need to take to get from point A to B.

Online music courses should take students on a clear, easy-to-follow path from where they are today to where they would like to be tomorrow.

3. Having too much content in online music courses

The next mistake is when there's too much content in online music courses. You didn't become an expert in your area overnight. However, there's a myth in online course building that more content equals more value. It's not true. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes is trying to share all your knowledge in one fell swoop. People will disengage if you overwhelm them with information. At best, you'll lose repeat business; at worst, they'll demand refunds. Instead, get precise. It's far better to have a series of smaller music courses online covering multiple topics than covering everything in one product.

4. When there's too little content in music courses online

It's also a mistake to not give enough content when designing online music courses. People need enough instruction and direction to achieve the results they want. It's easy to assume your audience understands the process and skip over important details. If you drive, think of it like your first driving lesson. Let's say you got in a car for the first time and were told to turn on the engine, release the handbrake, and push the accelerator pedal. Hopefully, you'd have stalled before you did any damage! Make sure your students have enough information to do what they need to do.

5. Getting the pricing of your online music courses wrong

Pricing your online music courses can be one of the biggest challenges. Most people are terrified of overpricing. However, pricing too low is also detrimental. It devalues the offer. For example, you come across a course that promises a certified coach program for 500 INR. To be an effective coach, one must have high qualifications, which leads to the question of how that can be achieved for such a low price. So how do you quantify what you are offering? It helps if you're aware of the results your students will get. But you must also understand how much that result is worth to your target audience. What's the best way to find out? Ask them!

6. The unfriendly user interface in online music courses

Imagine you have just bought an expensive online music course. You get your login details and go to the site. You arrive on the first page and don't know what to do next. There are no instructions: no menu or navigation, no direction — just plenty of content scattered over the page.

online music course
online music course

People disengage when they are unsure. When designing the platform for your online music courses, your first thought should always be about the user experience. Map out the site and the links you need to make it easy for your students to find their way around.

Final Words

Hopefully, these points have given you some food for thought. Get in touch with Mela Music School to know more about our music courses online.

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