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A Beginner's Guide to Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons
Online Guitar Lessons

Are you learning the guitar yourself presently? Throughout the process, has YouTube been your best friend? Fortunately, the internet has made information sharing easy, and some of the best guitar learning classes are available online.

Before you choose an online guitar course, here's everything you should know.

What You'll Learn

While all online guitar classes for beginners will have different teaching styles and learning tracks, they will cover most of the basics. Let's take a look at a few.

Guitar anatomy

The first thing any beginner will do is to become familiar with the instrument's parts. This is important because when your instructor mentions a specific part of the instrument, you'll want to be able to find it quickly.

Holding your guitar

Before you can start playing and practicing, you must first learn how to hold the guitar properly. Most players will place their left hand on the neck and their right hand over the soundhole strings.

Tuning your guitar

Another basic skill you'll learn is how to tune your guitar. You will strain your instrument without proper tuning, and your music will not sound as expected. Your online guitar course will surely address this because improper tuning can hamper your progress.

Restringing your guitar

The strings on your new guitar will not last forever. They will start to lose luster and become discolored with repeated use, making the guitar more difficult to tune and reducing sound quality. While you can have it re-strung at a guitar store, learning how to do it yourself will save you time and money.

Reading a guitar TAB

A guitar TAB, or Tablature, shows how the music for a song is written. TAB for any popular piece can usually be found online. When you learn guitar online, you'll know how to read a TAB because knowing how to read music as a language is necessary before you can start playing fluently.

Reading chord charts

Chords are groups of notes that combine to create a harmonious sound. Chord charts, which are visual guides to learning chords, will be introduced to you in your online guitar course. They will show you where to put your fingers on the fretboard to make a particular chord. C Major, D Major, G Major, and E Minor will probably be the first chords you learn.

Basic finger exercises

Playing the guitar requires your fingers to be in excellent condition, as this will give you more control over the strings. You avoid finger strain by learning simple exercises and performing them as a warm-up before each practice session.

Strumming patterns

These patterns represent a specific way of moving through up and down strokes. Keep your wrist loose, choose the proper angle, and vary the strength of your strokes are all tips you'll learn early on to protect your hands and fingers.

Guitar scales

Scales will help you identify octaves and notes, both important playing elements. Scales are groups of notes that can be played in either ascending or descending order. A scale consists of seven notes, with the eighth being known as an octave.

Continue with regular practice.

You must commit to learning any new skill. Consistent practice is your best friend when mastering the basics and performing your favorite songs on your own. Practice every day, but don't overdo it. Know your limits, and don't give up when things get difficult. Patience and consistency are important in this situation.

Why Should I Take Online Guitar Classes?

You get to play your own guitar.

Every musician has their own style. In an in-person lesson, you may be asked to play the instructor's guitar, possibly in a style you aren't interested in. Buying a guitar not only shows your commitment but also allows you to play and practice whenever you want.

You have the world at your fingertips.

In an in-person class, you are often bounded by geography, time, or other factors. There are no boundaries when learning online. Perhaps you can also explore learning from an international teacher.

Save time and money

One of the biggest benefits of an online guitar course is the amount of time and money you will save. You won't waste money or time traveling to and from a physical location; instead, you can use that time to practice.

Fewer lesson cancellations

In-person lessons can be canceled for various reasons (many of which are beyond your control). Vacation, prior commitments, extra schoolwork, traffic, adverse weather, and other factors can disrupt your practice schedule. With online guitar classes, you can learn anywhere at any time.

Recordings of guitar learning classes

Usually, online guitar lessons are recorded so they can be viewed again later for practice. This will allow you to evaluate your progress and decide where you need to focus your efforts. Also, your online class will probably include parameters for tracking progress in real-time and over time. Better learning is ensured by timely and qualitative feedback.

Non-musical benefits

Learning music can help improve your memory, concentration, and cognitive skills. Besides, reading music, which is a language in and of itself, will help young musicians improve their language skills. The learning process will also teach discipline and self-motivation.

Final Words

Patience and commitment are important when it comes to online learning. So, look into your options and make sure you choose a program and instructor that fits your needs and goals well.

Mela Music School offers online guitar lessons with a dedicated instructor in a live 1:1 setting. You can schedule a free trial and discover more guitar resources on the Mela Music School blog.

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