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12 Easy Guitar Songs For Every Beginner

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Guitar Songs For Beginner
Guitar Songs For Beginner

Are you just starting to learn to play guitar? There are many guitar songs which are suitable for beginners who are just understanding the basics of learning to play the guitar. As you learn to play guitar and master the songs, remember it doesn’t have to be just playing the same chord again and again to gain some proficiency in playing it well and cleanly. You can mix it up with some easy to learn guitar songs which will help you in your guitar learning journey.

As a beginner, these are the guitar songs you should probably starting learning to play the guitar with. All these easy guitar songs will help you progress on the guitar and as an added bonus, also help to impress your friends with your guitar playing skills.

Even if you have picked an acoustic guitar to learn to play, or the electric guitar, this handy guitar song list will ensure you are learning guitar songs which are

  • Simple to pick up with basic chords repeated

  • Recognizable: When you play these guitar songs for your friends, they will often know these guitar songs and will want to sing along with you as you play the guitar

  • Irrespective of your skill level, you should be able to play these basic guitar songs

We have picked guitar songs from different genres so that you can add one of each song to your repertoire as you learn to play guitar. So, learn to play these easy guitar songs and soon will be on your way to learning to play the songs that inspire you to pick up the guitar in the first place!

The easiest Guitar songs list for any beginner to learn guitar

These guitar songs have been curated for this list because they will introduce to the fundamentals of learning to play guitar. The songs incorporate different chord progressions, different styles and genre and include different guitar playing techniques. Once you get the hang of playing these guitar songs, you will be able to take on more difficult and complex guitar songs to play.

1)“Stay With Me” By Sam Smith

Stay with me is the perfect beginner guitar song. It uses the A minor, F & C chords which repeat through out the song. The song is set to a comfortable beat and does not require any advanced guitar playing technique in its relaxed pace and melody.

Because the chords repeat through out the song, it will help you develop muscle memory for your guitar playing basics. The spacing between the strumming patterns as well as the pace of the song will benefit any beginner guitar student and what’s more there are very few components in this song to master!

2)“Hallelujah” By Leonard Cohen

“Hallelujah” is a very well know classic song. This song is very popular for a lot of beginner students who are just starting out to learn music. This well known easy to learn guitar song repeats the same 5 chords and the same 4 songs in a consistent pattern.

This is the perfect song to hone your muscle memory. The song moves at a comfortably slow pace giving you time to play the chords cleanly. The repletion of the chords ensures that you develop muscle memory each time you play this song.

3) “Stand By Me” By Ben E. King

Stand by me by Ben E King is the next guitar song for you as you learn to play guitar. Stand by me has short verses and is the perfect mix of a few basic and more complex chords. It uses the G, C, D and E minor chords and there is enough time between the chords for you to play the next chord.

The song has short verses and it a soothing melody that will help you transition between chords. It has helped many guitar students who are just learning to play guitar with easy chord transitions and finger style picking as well.

4) “Hey Joe” By Jimi Hendrix

Hey Joe, is considered to be one of the great classics. This Jimi Hendrix song can be played by beginners as well. It has all the basic guitar chords you need as you learn to play the guitar. Not only that, but this guitar song also has a solo meant for guitarists that will really make you feel like a rock star as you learn to play this easy guitar song that is a cult favourite.

5) “Love Me Do” By The Beatles

Primarily composed of the G major and C major chords you can learn to play this nostalgic Beatles song while honing your guitar playing skills. This song does have an additive chord, but if you follow the music’s tabulature, you will have enough time to make the change that is required.

6) “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” By Bob Dylan

Knockin’ on Heavens Door is another very popular song. It has the G, C, D and A minor chords. These are again a standard sent of chords used in many popular songs which makes it perfect for those just starting to learn guitar. What’s more, most of your friends are highly likely to know the lyrics to this great guitar song as well!

7) “Achy Breaky Heart” By Billy Ray Cyrus

Achy breaky heart is a cult classic country song that is one of the easiest guitar songs for anyone learning to play guitar. The song has an extremely catchy tune and the chord progressions which are easy to master. It involves playing the A major and E major chord which will definitely hone your guitar basics as you learn to play guitar.

8) “Talkin’ Bout A Revolution” By Tracy Chapman

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution is the same four chords which are repeated throughout the entire song. The 4 chords used in this easy to learn guitar song are G, C, D and E minor. Once you get the introductory verse donw pat, you have learned the entire song. This is a very simple and easy to learn guitar song.

9) “Wildest Dreams” By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” uses all the essential chords as most pop songs do. If you are a fav of Taylor Swift, you will enjoy playing this song. The song uses the C, D, G, E minor and A minor chords. The chords are distributed evenly, making it the perfect beginner friendly guitar song for you to pick up as you begin to learn to play guitar

10) “Chasing Cars” By Snow Patrol

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol has a very slow and steady pace. There is enough time for you to adjust your fingers for the next chord progression. There is also spacing and chord consistency which makes it the perfect guitar song to master. There are a few advanced but important chords in this song for you to master in this song as well. It employs the G, C and D chord. The speed of the song will make it perfect as a guitar song to master the fundamentals.

11) “Zombie” By The Cranberries

Zombie by The Cranberries has some fundamental chords that you need to master. What’s more these chords repeat throughout the song and because of this repetition you will build up muscle memory for these chord as they are in the same chord progression as well. you but will help you build muscle memory of them because the entire song repeats the same progression. The chords used in this song are E minor, C, G and D/F#

12) “Imagine” By John Lennon

Imagine on this easy to learn guitar song list has the greatest number of chords to learn. It may seem a little bit complicated at first with the sheer number of chords to master, but this song has a melody that is very slow paced. The chords in this easy to learn guitar song, repeat in sets. The maximum number of chords changes is 6 in a verse. Once you learn the introductory verse and the bridge of this song, you would have learned to play this song on your guitar easily.

Enjoy playing these fun and easy to learn guitar songs!

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