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Piano | Keyboard

Arguably the most versatile instrument on the planet, the piano is an excellent option for creating inspiring music.

One major advantage of this instrument is the way its keys are laid out. The keyboard is a near perfect mirror of the steps needed to understand music theory. The piano is a great instrument for adults and children. Students of any age or background can learn how to produce tones on the piano within just a few minutes.


Vocals (Hindustani | Carnatic | Western)

Western style singing, carnatic vocals or hindustani vocals – there are so many options!

No matter what style of singing lessons you pick, you will learn to modulate your voice and have fun singing your favourite songs.

If you prefer to learn Bhajans or songs based on ragas, in Hindi, choose Hindustani Vocals. 

Should you like shlokas in the regional south Indian languages then pick Carnatic Vocals

If you love singing the western pop, rock and jazz songs in English, choose our western vocals course


Guitar (Acoustic | Electric | Classical | Bass)

Electric, acoustic, and classical guitar – there are so many options! Each instrument is unique and better suits the needs of different students.

No matter how old you are, the guitar is an absolute blast to play. Students typically learn to master chords and scales after a month or two, but it can take years to master the instrument’s more virtuosic capabilities like fingerpicking, arpeggios, and soloing.



If you’re looking for an instrument that lets you be loud and expressive, then the drums are perfect for you. Drums come in all shapes and sizes, but most sets have a snare, bass drum, hi-hat, and toms.  

It can take a few months of practice on the drums to be able to produce solid and discernible beats. The drums aren’t too difficult to learn, but you’ll definitely want to work with an experienced drum teacher to ensure that you’re learning correct technique.


Western Violin

The violin is capable of producing some of the world’s most achingly gorgeous music, but it’s an instrument that can take many years to master.

The violin is similar to the guitar except that there are no frets, and this makes it especially challenging to learn. But even with its challenges, the right violin teacher can help students of any age navigate this incredible instrument over time.

If you’re interested in picking up the violin, give yourself six months to a year to master some of its basic concepts.

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