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Learn Keyboard Online From Best Music Teachers In India

The access to online keyboard classes by the best instructors in the industry is sure to be a favorable step toward following your dream of becoming a musician. It is easy, convenient, and very comfortable when you learn in your space at your time and at your speed. Since you are on to online keyboard classes, you are just at the right place.

Mela Music has the needed state-of-the-art facility which sufficiently suffices your goal of becoming a musician. The course content is interactive, the teachers are highly trained professionals, and the mode of instruction is all current, which diligently makes your online keyboard classes satisfying.

What Would You Learn In Online Keyboard Classes From Mela Music School Bangalore?

When taking online keyboard classes, these are the typical choices of online keyboard Lessons.

Keyboard lesson on finger cords

The class typically follows the lesson plan where the instructor teaches about the technique of reading and playing melody notes with the right hand. With the left hand, the instructor will teach you about one finger cord(single-finger cord).In this curriculum, the instructor guides the student in reading cord signs for the left hand on the sheet music.

Piano lesson on the keyboard

The lesson plan involves playing and reading the piano on the keyboard on both hands. Generally, the students use a MIDI keyboard(because it is brilliant in building swift connections with the iPad or the computer). So, you will be learning piano on your keyboard in this case; awesome, right?

Keyboard lessons on block cords

In this online keyboard class, students will learn the methods of reading and playing notes in their right hand while playing the block cords/triads(three-finger cords). Generally, this approach is better than the one-finger keyboard lesson. Additionally, the keyboard lesson includes keyboard symbols typed on the sheet music, where the cords are considered notes on the bass staff of the sheet music.

Why Should You Take Online Keyboard Classes From Mela Music School?

Dextrous Teachers

Mela Music employs highly trained music teachers to teach enthusiastic students. They provide training on

  • Trinity College London,

  • ABRSM, and

  • LCM grades

These grades help students further their musical journey outside their home country. Mela Music commits to delivering a friendly and participating ambiance where students feel free to converse with the instructors, clearing their doubts about the lesson and their ambition related to Music. The responsible teachers will handle the entire application, training, and examination process to prepare you for enjoying a beautiful musical career. Just Keep Calm and Focus on Music.

Your Time And Your Pace

The musical course is conducted at the convenience of the students. The teachers decide on the most convenient slot accessible to the student. The best thing about Mela music school is that the academy believes in imparting musical lessons for all age groups. You might be a student, a college goer, or a working professional; the lesson plan curated here in this academy is suitable for every age group. Therefore taking online keyboard classes is convenient for such a life. You choose your own time for the lessons while taking up the pace as you feel comfortable and confident.

Free Trial Session

Mela Music school offers interested candidates the chance to Book a Free Trial session. Once satisfied with the clarification stated in the Trail Session by our academic counselor, you can enroll in the lesson plan offered here. You are free to ask every question relevant to the curriculum to our academic counselor. Additionally, you may ask if you have any queries about the other course contents as well.

Choose Your Weekly Training Session

The educators from Mela Music school offer training once a week for one hour. Choose your slot as per your availability, and begin your online keyboard classes from the comfort of your home.

You Can Choose The Other Lessons From-

Mela Music School has

  • Guitar Lessons(Acoustic Guitar Classes | Bass Guitar Classes |Classical Guitar Classes | Electric Guitar Classes),

  • Piano Lessons(Grand Piano Style Classes | Synthesizer Classes)

  • Violin Class

  • Drum Class(Soul|Funk|RnB| Pop & Rock | Latin)

  • Voice Lessons(Western Vocal Classes | Carnatic Vocal Classes | Hindustani Vocal Classes )

N.B- You can choose the above-discussed course from Mela Music school in both online/offline modes.

Do You Need To Take Up Music Theory?

Mela Music school offers Music Theory from beginner level to advanced level. You can start from scratch or take up from where you left off in your previous experience with Music.

  1. Music Theory Fundamentals

  2. Intro to Western Classical Music

  3. Melodic Forms & Simple Harmony

  4. The Blues: An American Art Form

  5. Ear Training & Sight Reading

  6. The Art of Musical Improvisation

  7. Music Composition & Arrangement

  8. Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

  9. Rhythm Section Pop Rock, Funk, and Jazz

How Are The Online Keyboard/Piano Classes Conducted At Mela Music School?

  • Your online live music lesson will be conducted via Skype or Google Hangouts.

  • Ensure that you have a strong internet connection, a working system, a mic, a headset, and a webcam.

  • Sit tight with your choice of instrument(keyboard in this case.) Share your Skype/Google Hangout ID with your teacher.

How Scheduling A Trail Session Works?

Just click on the Schedule A Trail Session. Fill in the details asked in the Form. The representative from our end will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Within 24 hours, we will reach you through WhatsApp or Mail. A Demo video will be provided to help you arrange the setup for the Trial Session. Choose your slot from the available ones. If you wish to alter the slotted frame, requesting reschedule the class 24 hours before the time is allowed. Confirm the same with an email. Pay online and begin your first online keyboard classes. If you are unsatisfied with the pedagogy or the course structure at any point, make sure to inform us. We will be happy to refund your balance as soon as possible.

While Concluding

So, this is how you learn online keyboard classes from Mela Music School. You have everything you need for your first online keyboard class. So, without further delay, Book your Trail session today to join the team of talented souls. Hope you have a great day ahead.

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