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How to Find a Piano Teacher

piano teacher
piano teacher

Let’s take a situation before jumping into finding a professional piano teacher. You kid hates math, therefore you put them in a tutoring class where the teacher adopts an aristocratic teaching method.

Do you really think your child will show any interest in learning math at all? The answer is a resounding no!

Therefore, as a parent who is trying to indulge your ward in any extracurricular activity, it is of utmost importance that the credibility of the teacher is not only skill-based but also their interpersonal skills as a tutor.

Now, as a parent who wants your child to have a musical mind, there is always google to help you find an apt tutor using the “piano teacher near me” search word.

How to find a piano teacher in 5 easy steps?

These 5 steps will help you find the piano teacher of your preference for your children to be musically sound and accomplish great things.

  1. Enquiry between peer parents:

Not only you, but many other parents want to have their children to have an extracurricular activity to keep them engaged. Therefore, there is widespread information from your peer parents pertaining to knowing about various music classes with qualified teachers.

Ask around, collect a list of piano classes near you and review the performance of the piano teacher back and forth amongst the parents. Since very one will have their own opinion.

  1. Narrow down the qualifications:

As a parent who wants the best for your child, you’ll have to be more keen on the quality of the tutor you provide to them.

Though being pianist is a skill, having an add on qualification will only increase your child’s chances of becoming a wonderful pianist.

Reading a music sheet can be performed with practice. But the patience to handle a child who is in the learning stage is something that is inculcated with time and practice as a teacher.

Make sure that the piano teacher has a Maters Degree in Music with a fine musical institution. (It doesn’t have to be Julliard! But somehow reputable would help.)

  1. Options that the piano teacher offers:

We wouldn’t like to settle down without having to think through various options. So what options can a piano teacher provide with?

To begin with,

  • Check whether they provide with one-on-one classes. Individual and personal attention while learning an instrument such as piano can help the child to fastrack the piano program.

  • Make sure that they have a demo or trial calss for you to assess their teaching methodology.

  • Interact to find whether an online piano teacher could be a better option to consider. The timings can be flexible, an option of being able to download the session is also an add-on when it comes to learning a instrument. You can always go back and practice with the session on record.

  1. Respect the art before learning it:

The piano teacher you opt for not only must be a good teacher to your ward, but also teach them to respect the art form before actually teaching them to play.

Have you heard of the Suzuki Method? This method is enhanced to make learning a musical instrument even more personal.

This method was introduced by Suzuki, a Japenese violinist. His approach towards learning an instrument has to be as easy and as strong as learning our mother tongues.

Initially, the theory was used just to entertain budding violinist. But now it seems to be catching up with all instruments and learning theories.

Respecting our mother tongue seems to be a natural process, the same way a pianist is expected to teach the instrument with reverence to children.

  1. A simple google search would do:

Well, Google search engine has been a friend of ours for more than 2 decades. Using the phrase “piano classes near me” can help you generate numerous options for your child to learn piano.

But how to choose the best amongst the listed classes?

All you have to do is check for the reviews given by people who have already in contact with these music institutions or teachers.

Still not convinced? You’ll see the directions button which will take you to Google maps, help yourself and check out the place for yourself.

Having more doubts? Contact them and interview them with a list of queries that you might have when you want to sign your child up for a piano class.

Want a small guide as to what questions to ask before hiring a piano teacher?

Check out the section below!!

FAQ section that can help you find the best piano teacher available in the market:

  1. What teaching methodology are you planning to adopt? And could you please explain the same?

  2. What are your teaching credentials and which university or music institution did you get it from?

  3. Do you facilitate trial classes for children? If so, how many hours are covered under the trail period?

  4. What is the fee structure for the piano classes? Is it hourly or monthly?

  5. On average how long does it take for a child to learn fingering on a piano?

  6. Do you give out letter for recommendation for former or current students?

  7. Do you engage in concretes of any kind and will your students be allowed to participate?

  8. How do you assess the learning capability of your students?

  9. What is the testing methodology used for your students?

  10. Are you affiliated with any music schools local or international?

Hope this Q&A with the 5 step guide on how to find the right piano teacher helps. And looking forward to seeing your kids soar high with exceptional musical talent!

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