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How Can Kids Be Encouraged To Learn Carnatic Music?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Carnatic music classes near me
Carnatic music classes near me

If your current search history circles around ‘Carnatic music classes near me’, then you are just at the right place. Mela Music school is here to make your kid fall in love with the fun and interactive music session hosted by experts in the industry. However, as a creative and expressive parent and an individual, it is your responsibility to encourage your kid to find an interest in Carnatic Music in the first place.

So, how to do that? Here are some simple steps that would make it effortless to guide you in making your hunt for ‘Carnatic music classes near me’ successful. So let us get going with-

5 Steps To Stop Your Search On ‘Carnatic music classes near me’ Because This Is The Guide You Need

Inform the Child About Carnatic Music

Before you stop your search ‘Carnatic music classes near me’ right here at Mela Music Academy, you should educate your kid about Carnatic Music from these 13 exciting facts down here-

  • Carnatic Music originated in South India.

  • The musical form poses a strong association with Vedic Music.

  • History shows that Drums from Carnatic Music was thoroughly used to deliver messages during wars.

  • The history also shows that drums in Carnatic Music were paired up with string instruments in religious performances.

  • Over time, Carnatic Music rose to fame as a popular Indian Music.

  • MS Subbulakshmi, a notable Carnatic music player, was the first to win a Padmabhushan.

  • There are 72 Ragas in Carnatic Music.

  • This Indian Music is developed in India without having any connection to foreign ancestry.

  • Notable instruments, mridangam, mandolin, and veena, are used to prepare Carnatic Music.

  • Despite so many differences, both Hindustani and Carnatic Music offer significance to the melody, considering it a chief ingredient of the musical form. For instance, Swara and Ved Swara are included in both forms of Music. Further, the use of Tanpura is taken care of in both Hindustani and Carnatic Music, rationalizing the song’s pitch.

  • Carnatic Music does not believe in the Gharana notion.

  • Carnatic Music cultures Melakarta scheme, which has both ancient and modern musical modes with global recognition.

  • Alapana, Niraval, and Kalpnaswaram are manodharmam, showing a critical need to improve.

Try to repeat these pieces of information in the most exciting way possible to make your kid enthusiastically look forward to attending the first class here at Mela Music School.

Let The Kid Decide On The Classes

Mela Music comes with a customized online Carnatic Music class, which lets the child decide the time and space to begin their first Carnatic music session. Ordering or pushing your kid to take Carnatic Music might not be a good example you set as a parent. However, if you give the younglings the liberty to choose the lesson plan at their convenience, it will assure them that they are in control of their passion.

Besides, the online music lesson is held weekly for one hour, which is enough for your child to learn every nook and corner of the topic. The professionals teaching Carnatic Music will be delighted to make the sessions interactive, fun, and exciting. So, you can stay assured that your kid will want to continue for the rest of the course.

Acknowledgment Is The Key To Success

Getting acknowledged for every single, minor, and significant accomplishment is what everyone looks forward to. Besides, being supportive is a humanitarian responsibility of every parent. So, express your happiness at every little goal they reach. This boosts confidence and uplifts their moral strength. Additionally, this will help your kids improve faster and promote a healthy mindset whenever they think about Carnatic music class.

Bring Them Non-Criticizing Audiences

Their performance will automatically amplify when your kid feels safe around the audience. The kids have undertaken a critical musical form. Carnatic Music is not a joke. Hence the kid is already trying their level best to beat their insecurities. Therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide the most loving and cordial audience possible. Also, try to be the best audience among the many audiences your child comes across. That will greatly help the child with the whole learning and training process.

Promote The Culture Of Concert Engagements

After imparting the facts on Carnatic Music, it is time to take the kid to several concerts held across the country. When the child understands the core value and the significance of delivering a live show as a performer, it will motivate the child while inspiring their mood significantly. It will enhance a sense of optimism amongst young musicians, which will help them grow as Carnatic music players.

How Are The Carnatic Classes Held At Mela Music School?

You better end your constant search on ‘Carnatic music classes near me’ since Mela Music is here to make your kid enjoy this Indian Music at its best. How? Let us find out

  • Mela Music promises to provide enthusiastic pupils with the best and most effective tailor-made course content that suits their desired milestones. No rush is enforced from the end of the teachers. They believe that art cannot bloom when pushed.

  • Therefore Mela Music School pledges to the most result-driven education method, which you should give a single chance at least.

  • You get to choose between online and offline courses. You better enroll your kid in the online Carnatic music course if you have a transferable job. But if you are searching for ‘Carnatic music classes near me’, then find out if you are located near Mela Music Academy or not. If Yes, it is suggested to take offline/local music lessons.

  • The educators appointed for online classes provide talented students with needed assistance. This gives the students a chance to determine and track their improvement pragmatically. The students are free to ask any music-related queries at their convenience since the educators at Mela Music school are always ready to help the musical minds.

  • Lastly, a supportive community is built for students to aim and grow big in their endeavors. This also aids in a healthy competition necessary for every field of curriculum. So, stay assured that the search for Carnatic music classes near me is a guaranteed informative investment.

Why Stop looking For ‘Carnatic music classes near me’ at Mela Music Academy?

Carnatic Music is a critical subject that rose around the 13th century and is still spreading its base. The prospect shows it will increase more in the domain, which might give your enthusiastic kid a chance to receive opportunities from abroad. The highly qualified teacher at Mela Music School provides dedicated training which lets the student grasp everything about Carnatic Music in depth, which will help them move further with Carnatic Music in life. So stop your research on ‘Carnatic music classes near me’, and you better Book A Trial Session right now to learn everything in detail. Better Hurry!!

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