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Piano Classes For Beginners- Fundamentals To Know Before You Enroll at Mela Music Academy in 2023



Would you like to enroll yourself in piano classes for beginners this 2023? Well, according to experts grabbing the basics on any musical instrument is quite an impressive step you must consider. This makes your first class a lot more effortless than you can imagine. Besides knowing the DoReMi or Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… there are many more in the box to explore. So what are the rudimentary to your piano classes for beginners? Let us find out-


Piano Classes For Beginners- 2 Easy Steps To Learn The Instrument Before Your First Class

The Names Of The Notes

The keyboard keys are segregated into six groups, including 12 notes. The group has seven white keys and five black keys. The groups are repeated from left to right. The notes begin with C, placed at the beginning of the two consecutive black keys. Well, music is abstract, which you experience but cannot touch. 


However, studying the notations becomes quite significant if you would like to produce this abstract notion precisely. The concept is similar to language study. Music has unique symbols which are decoded according to the rules of music. 


As discussed, the groups typically begin with C; consider locating the Middle C first to play Sa Re Ga Ma Pa…Sa. Now, as the alphabet runs, the notes are placed like

  • C D E F G A B- These are the white keys.

  • C# D# F# G# A#- These black keys are immediately next to the white counterparts. (#- Pronounced # as Sharp)

Well, according to the rules of learning Piano, the note begins at C and ends at B. However, to finish an Octave, you must play C D E F G A B C. 


  • C# - Equals D flat

  • D# - Equals E flat

  • F# - Equals G flat

  • G# - Equals A flat

  • A#- Equals B flat


Learn The Easy Songs To Boost Your Confidence

You could play some simple songs after you have learned the notes and memorized the same efficiently. 

1-Twinkle Twinkle

Steps to play the song-

  • Play CC GG AA G; for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  • Now, begin by locating D, E, and F. And play FF EE DD C; How I Wonder What You Are.

  • Play GG FF EE D; for Up Above The World So High.

  • Repeat GG FF EE D; for Like A Diamond In The Sky.

  • Play CC GG AA G again for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  • Finish the song on FF EE DD C; How I Wonder What You Are. 


2-Happy Birthday

Steps to play the song:

  • Press on CC DC FE; for Happy Birthday To You. 

  • Press CC DC GF; for the 2nd Happy Birthday To You.

  • Press CC AG AD; for Happy Birthday Dear (you person's name).

  • Lastly, press A# A# AF GF; for your last Happy Birthday.


3-Jingle Bells

Steps to play the song:

  • EEE EEE; for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

  • EG C DE; for Jingle all the way

  • FFF FF EE; for Oh, what fun it is to ride

  • EE DD ED G; for a one-horse open sleigh. Hey!

  • Repeat->

  • EEE EEE; for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

  • EG C DE; for Jingle all the way


4-Fur Elise

Steps to play the song:

  • PressED#ED#EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, EABC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, EG#BA


  • Press ED#ED#EEDCA

  • Press CEAB, EG#BC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBDCA


You are all ready to sit for your first piano classes at Mela Music School. The professionals will take it from here.


Should you take up online mode of piano classes for beginners?

You must still be wondering which mode to choose for your piano classes. Well, this is the answer to your question. 


5 Reasons To Take Up Online Piano Classes For Beginners in 2023 From Mela Music School

Learn From The Best

The highly qualified instructors from Mela Music are well-versed in the demanding grades for every prospect you wish to get involved. Grades such as

  • Trinity College London, 

  • ABRSM, and 

  • LCM grades

These Grades offer you foreign opportunities. The teachers from Mela Music school will take care of the application process. At the same time, you relax and focus on playing Piano. 

No Point Of Getting Distracted

When you are enrolled in online piano classes for beginners, the teachers will pay intense attention to you/your kid. Additionally, this will be a one-on-one live music class; hence only you and your teacher will be present in the online course. Therefore students are free to relax. This setup suits introverted talents who love their space all to themselves.


Maintain A Balanced Life

When taking online piano classes, you generously choose to balance your life. How? With only one hour of weekly online music lessons, you can have a stable everyday life that is perfectly balanced. You work/study on your allotted timeline of the day and attend our online music lesson at your chosen time, making it convenient for you and your instructor.

Peer Pressure Zero

Peer pressure might be a negative influence, where the talent might fail to come out of the shell anytime soon. Besides, the classmate's presence might sometimes be discouraging. Online classes are certainly suitable initiatives for these beings. Further, when there is no peer pressure, you choose your own speed to advance in your course, which is an optimistic approach to discussion.


Choose Your Suitable Time for an Online Class

When picking the online mode of classes, deciding on the time and day becomes your choice. You pick your preferred day of the week and get ready for the piano classes for beginners. 


In Conclusion, 

This is everything on piano classes for beginners. Just have a quick hand on the keys and the notations, and the songs talked here to sit settled with your first online piano classes for beginners. But if you have any questions, make sure to speak with our academic counselor. We are always happy to answer your queries. Book a Free Trial session today!!

Unlock the ivory keys to musical excellence! Our piano classes offer tailored lessons to beginners and pros alike. Learn the piano from the ground up or refine your skills with our expert instructors. Start your musical journey today!
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