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Mela Music School -Learn Drums Online In 2023

Although people fancy themselves playing the keyboard and the guitar, have you observed that drums take center stage? Very few talented souls get engrossed by this fantastic musical instrument. So if you are someone from that many, why don't you learn drums online in 2023? We will be more than happy to help you out. 


Why are drums significant in producing songs and Music?

So, drums are the keeper of the rhythms that work in providing the foundation of the overall sound of the song/music. How? Because you only hit the drums to produce the required sound. Further, it is also the simplest of musical instruments in the vast musical arena.


Is there any significance to enjoy while you learn drums online?

Yes, my friend. Here are the 5 beneficial reasons for playing drums that you must understand-

1-Eliminates the pent up stress

The competitive era is a challenge to deal with, right? Here, learning drums help you significantly. Hitting drums produces feel-good hormones, 'Endorphins.' When you hit the drums, the body movement and the sound vibrations(produced in your brain cells) relieve you of stress and frustration efficiently. Just try and see for yourself.


2-Develop and boost confidence.

Playing the drums needs simultaneously working on all four limbs at once. The process pushes both parts of the brain. It might seem tiring, but trust me; this enhances your IQ. therefore, you will observe noticeable changes and improvement in your academic performance and professional efficacy.  


Also, the fundamentals of drums require counting, so if your kid has just begun their online drumming session, they will grasp the concept of fractions, frequencies, and intervals in a very small period. 


3-Amplifies the motor skill

When you are playing drums, your brain, along with the four limbs, functions synchronously. This refines your motor skills efficiently. You will definitely see the change in your hand's stability and spontaneity in your reactions. 


4-It's a therapeutic practice.

Well, isn't it obvious by now? Since practicing drums lets you eliminate the build-up stress from the work playing drums is certainly therapeutic in that regard, isn't it? Well, research also backs up the situation. 


The research says drumming speeds up physical healing and enhances your immune system while releasing negative emotions. Besides, drumming has an intensely positive effect on fatigue, grief, behavioral issues, and depression. Further drumming also helps you improve your capacity to focus while working on impulse and decision-making skills. 


5-Lets you express your emotions much better

Again on a therapeutic note, while playing drum, you enjoy the chance to express your emotions effectively while getting in touch with their emotional state of mind. In addition, drumming lets you stimulate creative expression, enhancing your sense of empowerment.  


Learn Drums Online- What You Would Learn-?

Learn drums online from here and absorb all the nitty gritty of the instrument for a professional journey ahead.

1-Learn the posture

Sitting in the correct posture is essential. Because it improves your-

  • Speed at playing the instrument

  • Endurance

  • Precision, 

The style of playing the musical instrument has developed over the years. However, the basic of drums and percussion instruments has mostly stayed the same. You can develop your style while sitting for drumming, though.



Drumming is critical even though it is one of the simplest types of musical instruments. So mastering the rudimentary of the instrument is essential for a bright future in this area. Stay relaxed, control your breathing, and prevent muscle tension. 

Staying slow and accurate should help you ace the drumming sessions. 



See, one cannot learn something adequately if pushed or rushed. The idea of playing drums online requires developing your style and technique. Additionally, it would help if you were focused on your musical instruments by constantly exercising, improving your expression, and experimenting to reach perfection. Also, follow your natural inclination towards this musical instrument.


Why Should You Learn Music Theory?

One must learn the Art of Music through music theory. Mela music academy, developed and delivered -

  1. Music Theory Fundamentals 

  2. Intro to Western Classical Music

  3. Melodic Forms & Simple Harmony

  4. The Blues: An American Art Form

  5. Ear Training & Sight Reading

  6. The Art of Musical Improvisation

  7. Music Composition & Arrangement

  8. Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

  9. Rhythm Section Pop Rock, Funk, Jazz


We covered everything noteworthy in Music Theory, which will be enough to give you a professional music career both in your country and internationally. 


Why Should You Choose Mela To Learn Drums Online?

People often face difficulty coming out of their comfort zone, specifically after the pandemic. Additionally, many introverts love enjoying their passion in their unique spot. Students who love their own space should-

  • Choose the online mode of music learning. 

  • Additionally, online music courses are very profitable for children whose parents are employed or those working a transferable job.

  • Learn Drums online by staying in the comfort of your home, giving 100% attention to your course content.

  • Feel free to ask your instructor about your queries without the slightest fret.

  • You can begin your music learning session with a positive mindset.


It would be best if you chose Mela because-

  • Every student can choose from offline and online courses at their convenience.

  • Every student is awarded a completion certificate, making it a satisfying musical journey.

  • The interactive pedagogy improves students' personalities, making them grow ambitious, which is integral for the student to develop as a performer.

  • Students of all age groups are entertained by their passion for playing Music.


In Conclusion, 

So, this is everything on why you need to learn drums online. If you would like to explore more into this dimension better, Book Your Free trial session right now. Our representative will reach you within 24 hours, so hurry before the seats run out.

Explore the beat with online drum lessons! Learn from skilled instructors, master drumming techniques, and groove at your own pace. Start your rhythmic journey today
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