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From Where To Choose The Best Online Music Lessons for 2023

Are you passionately looking to get the best online music lessons for your new year's resolution? Or is it something you plan to begin as soon as you finish college? Whatever the situation, it's finally time to enroll in the best online music lessons from Mela Music school in 2023.

Mela Music School- The Best Online Music Lessons To Grab From

After the sudden pandemic strike, the locked-down situation beautifully exhibited that everything is possible while staying home. Every academic category of schools implemented teaching through online mode. Similarly, Mela Music took this fantastic opportunity to teach Music nationwide. 

The dextrous facilitators are more than delighted to share their musical knowledge with enthusiastic students from the country. On that note, what does Mela teach? Here are the best online music lessons curated for the interested musical pupil all across the nation-


Mela Music teaches enthusiastic talents 

  • Acoustic Guitar Classes 

  • Bass Guitar Classes 

  • Classical Guitar Classes 

  • Electric Guitar Classes

But before you jump-start your journey on the best online music lessons as a would-be guitarist in the future, ensure that you learn some basics of the instrument. For instance-

  • Reading Standard Music Notation and Tablature

  • Open Position Notes

  • Essential Music Theory

  • Basic Open Position Chords.

  • Strumming Patterns

  • Tuning By Ear


Once you grab a swift idea of this instrument's elementary, the musical device's entire perspective will transform dramatically. 



The customized voice classes are targetted orientation which helps you enhance your vocals pretty beautifully; here are -


The 4 Basic Components of Singing-

  • Breath- You need to breathe in quickly and deeply, followed by a long, steady exhale as we sing our phrases or notes.

  • Pitch- Simply put, pitch is a sound's frequency. Each note played or sung has a unique frequency, coupled with lower and higher tones vibrating at different rates.

  • Rhythm- You can maneuver your Music with a good sense of singing rhythm. You can add excitement to the song and control the Music's flow; you can work well with other musicians in a band and establish the groove of the Music. 

  • Diction-Diction is how you pronounce or express your vocal expression. It has to do with how well, or specifically, words are pronounced in a song when it comes to singing. 

Keyboard & Piano

The instruments might look the same, with an assortment of white and black keys. However, the Keyboard and Piano are significantly different. The Piano is an acoustic instrument, while the keyboards are electric devices. Being an acoustic instrument, the sound produced by the Piano typically amplifies. Now on the Keyboard, the music player can manipulate the instrument's volume. They can also alter the sounds, like changing their typical sound to organs, strings, and more. 


Besides, pianos are larger in size and require extra hands when there is a need to shift. At the same time, the Keyboard is very compatible and easy to move around. There is a high need to keep your pianos under tune since, due to environmental factors; these often fall off tune. However, have your keyboards regularly maintained to make them sound fine? 


Mela Music offers the best online music lessons on the Keyboard, synthesizer, and Piano. Here are some fundamentals on this musical journey that will make your first class easy.

  • Remember to get yourself a keyboard bench.

  • Position yourself to play the Keyboard.

  • Sit in your correct body position.

  • Use the black keys as your guidance.

  • Learn the keys, and learn a simple song. 


Suppose you want to unleash your hidden Dramebazz and go wild with your passion for Music. In that case, nothing can beat the crazy emotion emanating from the thumps made on Drums. Mela Music understands the significance of your desire to play this wonderful instrument. Therefore grab any of these drum lessons from-

  • Soul

  • Funk

  • RnB 

  • Pop & Rock 

  • Latin


Choose your instrument from the best online music lessons and start playing the Drums ASAP, fellas.


But before it would be wise to grasp the fundamentals of the drum, such as learning and practicing-

  • Practice your drum with a metronome.

  • Be the center of the Music you practice

  • Figure out what size drumsticks fit you precisely

  • Know how to tune your drums

  • Learn basic drum beats

  • Play at a well-balanced volume


Music Theory

Can't forget the subject of Music theory. This is one of the significant portions of the best online music lessons from Mela. Undoubtedly there is an entailment that you learn and study the concept of Music from its core. The curriculum from Mela Music comprises of-

  • Music Theory Fundamentals 

  • Intro to Western Classical Music

  • Melodic Forms & Simple Harmony

  • The Blues: An American Art Form

  • Ear Training & Sight Reading

  • The Art of Musical Improvisation

  • Music Composition & Arrangement

  • Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

  • Rhythm Section Pop Rock, Funk, Jazz


Mela Music School Offers Certifications On-

Every sincere student will receive certificates once the courses are completed. The skilled teachers from Mela Music school enable the student to apply for 

  • Trinity College London, 

  • ABRSM, and 

  • LCM grades 

These three highly regarded grades and internationally recognized certifications, open up opportunities for students abroad. You will get assistance from our qualified instructors to pass the exams here. 


Mela Music will take care of the application process; you just have to focus on your performance and Music, for that matter.


While Concluding 

You now understand the benefits of online music lessons, the fundamental subjects to cover, and the course that Mela Music School offers. The institute promotes a Free Trial Session to fully understand the course material and decide which course content/instrument you want to study. So why not schedule a Free Trial Session to see what magic is waiting for you? You Better Hurry Up!!

Strum your way into musical brilliance with our guitar classes! Learn chords, techniques, and master your favorite tunes under expert guidance. Join us and unleash your inner guitarist
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