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We live in a phase where learning a new skill is as simple as clicking a button. We all dreamed of becoming rock stars as children, but we never had the opportunity due to the rush and bustle of life. However, with the current pandemic situation, we're doing what we can to pursue our interests and improve our talents. So it's time to buckle up on your online signing skills and learn new ones.


A School of music, also known as a conservatoire, is a place where musicians get certified in their music skills and receive a degree in their respective specialisation.  


From songwriting to piano or guitar lessons, there's something for everyone. Go to Mela Music, and you'll be presented with a plethora of possibilities for the type of online music education you're looking for. This is a plus factor in Mela Music online music classes because you can enroll according to your time and availability.              

Benefits of learning from the BEST ONLINE MUSIC SCHOOL

You Save Money With Online Learning

It is well worth the money spent when students take private music lessons. Let's be honest, though. Music lessons can be costly. I don't want to disparage private music instructors, but a 30-minute class can cost anywhere from ₹ 10 to 16k. You only pay one price for an online piano course. The price includes all sheet music, music instruction, and music theory. Furthermore, the petrol you used to get to and from lessons is no longer required.        


Learning Environment That Is More Comfortable

Have you ever longed to stay in your PJs all day (don't lie, we've all done it on weekends)? Kids can learn music in their jammies at home. There's no need to get dressed, look for everyone's shoes, brush their hair, or put on a jacket. Then, when the students are ready to learn, you wake up and press play. Isn't that incredible? Furthermore, where do students feel most at ease? At home! So learning in their living room while wearing comfortable clothes sounds like a fantastic bargain.


Usually, students used to travel to different cities or countries to have a degree in music, which might cost them a huge amount of money. But today, due to the online scenario, many music schools have created their courses online so that one can receive a degree while sitting at their home comfortably and with greater ease. Moreover, some foreign universities have excellent courses in music that are being offered online.


One of the best music schools is Mela Music School situated in Bengaluru, the IT capital of India. They provide one-to-one private music lessons based on what a student wants to achieve. The main course highlight of these schools is that they provide individual instruction to the students. Apart from practicing the music, they also focus on the theory aspect for better understanding. They also make you prepare for various international exams such as exams for Trinity College, London, ABRSM, and LCM grades. Moreover, they usually offer online music lessons via Skype or Google hangout.


What Is So Special About Our Music Class?


  • We provide a variety of music classes for children that are tailored to their needs and educational objectives.

  • We educate our pupils with a holistic approach to many types of music, ranging from Indian classical to Western genres, broadening their cultural awareness. 

  • We provide diverse online music classes, including Hindustani, Carnatic, and Western music, Online Western Vocal Lessons, Online Carnatic Vocal Lessons, Online Hindustani Vocal Lessons, and Online Music Theory Lessons to suit everyone's creative interests. In addition, students can pick and choose from various courses to meet their educational goals.

  • Students will be able to train under the direction of our vibrant and experienced music educators. The latter will assist them in developing their talents and creative abilities.

  • All music lessons are tailored to our student's specific needs and expectations. Every course has its advantages that will help students get the most out of their studies.


Individuals of any age group can join our online music classes and begin their musical journey from the comfort of their own homes. Our students can select the most appropriate course for them and even personalize it further as needed.


Our courses near you allow amateur learners to achieve their greatest potential as they continue to improve their musical knowledge. They show a great sense of artistic flair and creativity, and they develop into exceptional musicians.


They'll learn sophisticated strategies and methods that will elevate their work. Then, as they continue to build their bond with their music and evolve into great artists.


The key advantage of joining Mela Music schools is that they provide distance learning courses where students can learn from anywhere with talented music educators and performers. The courses are easily accessible to everyone who enrolled in them.

They have a good internet connection and instruments for a better learning experience. The school also guarantees you that they will provide diversification of experts to learn from so that the student can have flexibility in their learning. They also offer a student a free trial where he can judge the learning process and go through the curriculum so that they can choose wisely from a variety of choices.   


BEST ONLINE MUSIC SCHOOLin bangalore. come learn music today
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