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Lessons:  1 hour per week

15 mins practise a day with given material

6 months to play songs you love

Pay as you go monthly payment,

What will you learn in our guitar class?

Foundational Techniques: Master proper posture, finger placement, basic chords, and strumming techniques essential for playing the guitar.

Rhythm and Musicality: Develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and musical notation, laying the groundwork for playing songs and understanding music structure.

Introduction to Music Theory: Gain a basic understanding of music theory elements like scales, notation, and chord progressions, enabling further exploration and growth in guitar playing.

Who is this guitar class for?

This course is for guitar enthusiasts of all levels—whether you're starting from scratch or have some experience. Join to learn, play, and perform your favourite tunes on stage!


Learn Face to Face

Students and teachers see each other via video and have real time personalised guitar classes


Learn Faster

Teachers spend more time with students, ensuring they pick up techniques faster than group lessons


Concerts | Recitals

At Mela, all students showcase their skills on stage in bands at our concerts and smaller recitals. 

Experience Music in a Whole New Way

Discover musical concepts through your favorite songs. Gain the ability to read and play music, expanding your song repertoire

A Safer, Quality Learning Environment

Our faculty selection process is strict, selecting only 1 in every 10 applicants. Every instructor undergoes personal interviews and a rigorous screening, ensuring a secure learning environment for your child.

Individualized Learning Journey

Embrace personalized one-on-one classes tailored to your pace. Progress faster than in group lessons with exercises designed exclusively for you.

Lesson Plan

Week 1-2:
Intro and basics

Introduction to guitar anatomy
Proper posture and holding techniques
Basic finger exercises for flexibility

Week 3-4: Learning Chords

Introduction to open chords (e.g., C, G, D, E, A, Am)
Practice transitioning between chords
Basic strumming patterns

Week 5-6: Rhythm and Strumming Techniques

Exploring rhythm patterns and timing
Introduction to alternate strumming techniques (e.g., down-up strumming)
Playing simple songs you love using learned chords and strumming

Week 7-8: Introduction to Music Theory

Basics of music notation and tablature
Understanding rhythm and beats
Introduction to scales and their importance

Week 9-10: Melody and Fingerstyle

Introduction to melody playing on the guitar
Basic fingerstyle techniques
Playing simple melodies and exercises

Week 11-12: Review and Progress Assessment

Reviewing learned concepts and songs
Assessing progress and identifying areas for improvement
Preparation for next level 


Mela Music School helps you train for Trinity College London, ABRSM, Rock School and London College Music grades the most popular, Internationally recognized Music Qualifications in the world.

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Absolutely thrilled with my experience at Mela Music School's guitar classes! The instructors are not only talented musicians but also fantastic teachers who personalize lessons to suit my pace. Learning here has made playing the guitar a joyous journey. Highly recommend for anyone looking to learn or enhance their skills!

Prashanth K 

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Featured Review
Learn Faster

Learn  at a faster pace than group lessons, with undivided individual attention
Customised Lessons

Learn the songs that inspire you to pick up the instrument you love to play
Music Concepts

Don't just learn songs, but understand concepts that help you play similar songs as well​

Develop your stage chops with multiple opportunities to perform.
The Mela Music School Advantage
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1 on 1 LIVE Classes

Learn the chords of a guitar with the songs you love. Our personalized one-on-one classes ensure quicker progress than group sessions. Join us where online guitar classes offer convenience without traffic woes. Begin your guitar classes with us today!

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Our certified guitar teachers excel in acoustic, bass, and classical guitar. They're not just passionate musicians but experts with professional degrees in music. Experience seamless learning from basics to advanced chords with our performing musician guitar teachers


Certifications & Performances

At Mela Music School, our certified guitar teachers provide diverse performance chances, from band sessions to recitals. Additionally, we prepare you for Trinity, ABRSM, and LCM music certifications, guiding you through the entire exam process.

1 on 1 Guitar Classes

The most effective way to learn to play the guitar  is through private lessons. Private lessons give students the opportunity to play the songs they love on the guitar with the flexibility of individualized scheduling. Our guitar teacher will start with you from the basics of learning the guitar or build on what you have already learned while playing the guitar. 

Explore personalized guitar lessons near you at Mela Music School. Learn guitar at flexible times with our professional guitar teachers at Mela Music School. Join us for seamless and safe learning with a  friendly team. Weekly one-hour sessions tailored just for you!

learn to play guitar with a guitar teache near me

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