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6 Easy Keyboard Songs For Every Beginner To Learn in 2023

online keyboard classes
online keyboard classes

Would you like to learn some simple keyboard songs for beginners before enrolling in online keyboard classes? This not only gives you a vivid idea of what awaits in your online keyboard classes? But don't you think it's fun? Grabbing a quick view of the keys, how each sound, and how beautiful you are with rhythms, melodies, and notes makes it an exciting plan.

So, What are the best choices of simple keyboard songs which you must learn?

6 Elementary Keyboard Songs For Beginners Before Your Online Keyboard Classes Start

Twinkle Twinkle

Not only 'Twinkle Twinkle' was your first English rhyme, but it would also be your first keyboard song. This is the most straightforward keyboard song for all age groups to learn before your online keyboard classes.

Steps to play the song:

  • Place your thumb on 'C.'

  • Next, move to the following fourth key, 'G.'

  • Then press the following immediate key, 'A.'

  • After you have located the keys and placed your fingers on the keys, play CC GG AA G; for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  • Now, begin by locating D, E, and F. And play FF EE DD C; How I Wonder What You Are.

  • Play GG FF EE D; for Up Above The World So High.

  • Repeat GG FF EE D; for Like A Diamond In The Sky.

  • Play CC GG AA G again for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  • Finish the song on FF EE DD C; How I Wonder What You Are.

Happy Birthday

Don't you want to play this happy song to wish your loved ones in their birthday? Enough playing the melody on your mobile devices. It's time you learn the delightful tune in our keyboard to make it special this year.

Steps to play the song:

  • Press on CC DC FE; for Happy Birthday To You.

  • Press CC DC GF; for the 2nd Happy Birthday To You.

  • Press CC AG AD; for Happy Birthday Dear (you person's name).

  • Lastly, press A# A# AF GF; for your last Happy Birthday.

Havanna by Camila Cabello

Yes, you are reading it correctly. Well, isn't it evident that you would enjoy playing something entertaining just for fun? While you are learning the keys, playing something exciting like Havanna, just like this song, will surely make your online keyboard lessons enticing.

Steps to play the song:

  • Press G-B-B G G-E; for Havana, ooh Na na

  • Press B AB ^C BA; Half of my is in(^C denotes to be played at higher Octave)

  • Press G-B-B G G-E; for Havana, ooh Na na

  • Press B AB ^C BA; for Half of my is in; He took me back to East

  • Press G-B-B G G-E, for Atlanta na na na

  • Press B AB ^C BA G-B-G; for but for my heart is in Havanna

  • Press B AB A G B-F; fr there is something about his manners

  • Press G-F#-G F# G-E; for Havana, ooh nana

Practice this every single day, and soon you will find yourself memorizing all the keys precisely.

Jingle Bells

Nothing can beat the magic of this festive song, right? Especially if you had your childhood in a missionary school. Just learn to play the music and see how much nostalgic you get with its successful completion.

Steps to play the song:

  • EEE EEE; for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

  • EG C DE; for Jingle all the way

  • FFF FF EE; for Oh, what fun it is to ride

  • EE DD ED G; for a one-horse open sleigh. Hey!

  • Repeat->

  • EEE EEE; for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

  • EG C DE; for Jingle all the way

Fur Elise

Well, you have all heard this melody a lot of times by now, but this is finally when you play this beautiful song with your fingers.

Steps to play the song:

  • PressED#ED#EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, EABC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBCA

  • Press CEAB, ECBA


  • Press ED#ED#EEDCA

  • Press CEAB, EABC

  • Press ED#ED#EDBDCA

Amazing Grace

This sweet and deep song also needs to be learned before finally getting ready for your online keyboard lessons.

Steps to play the song:

  • Press G C E C E D C A G; for Amazing grace, how sweet that sound

  • Press G C EC E D G; for That saved a wretch like me

  • Press EG EC G AC A G; for I once was lost but now am found

  • Press G C EC E DC; for Was blind, but now I see

How To Play The Keyboard?

As a would-be student of the online keyboard classes, what about using the left hand? The left hand is typically utilized to play chords, while a pianist uses their right hand to play the scales. It will be easier for beginners to play their first keyboard lesson with their right hand. In addition, a would-be pianist should learn to play the hands separately.


  • Stay in a comfortable position.

  • Place your fingers on the keys in a relaxed state of mind.

  • Don't stress. Well, it will be stressful; however, this is your first time playing those melodious keys, so take it lightly, and believe in the process of progressing in your online keyboard classes.

  • Begin with learning the OCTAVES. There are seven tunes. However, the first tune should always be repeated at the last as well.

  • You must start with C and end at C to finish an Octave.

  • Place your thumb on C, which is placed in the middle of your keyboard.

  • The keys run as CDEFGAB; therefore, play CDEFGABC to finish an OCTAVE.

  • Practice the finger exercise which your keyboard instructor will teach.

  • Take your time; otherwise, you will jumble up the course content.

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